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2019 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft: Pick #1 - New Orleans Pelicans

This was easy.

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2019 Naismith Awards Brunch Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The tradition unlike any other is back!

OK...maybe not THAT one...but it’s still pretty good!

Welcome to the 2019 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft! Every year before the NBA Draft we here at Grizzly Bear Blues put on a mock draft of epic proportions. This isn’t your granddaddy’s mock draft - there are trades (lots of them - but more on that later) that have to be approved unanimously by our trade panel (former GBBer/current Patreon page owner Matt Hrdlicka, NBA Twitter hero Sagar Trika, and Peter Edmiston of Sports56 WHBQ in Memphis and The Athletic) - and also all thirty teams are represented by a collection of GBB contributors, GBB community members/readers/Twitter followers, and members of the Memphis media.

It is a lot of fun. And our coverage of it begins here, with the #1 overall pick and the New Orleans Pelicans, Mock GMed by our own Brandon Abraham.

He got his pick in rather quickly.

With the 1st pick in the 2019 GBB Community Mock NBA Draft, the New Orleans Pelicans select...


NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Washington DC Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Arguably the most electrifying prospect since LeBron James and the most sure-fire future star since Anthony Davis, Zion wasn’t falling below #1. Here’s Brandon’s explanation of the pick-

Zion is clearly the most talented player in this draft. Drafting Zion, with an Anthony Davis trade looming, gives the franchise a new face to be excited about. Zion showed flashes of being able to do everything while at Duke and has All-Star potential and could go down as an all-time great. The selection of Zion also makes the AD trade easier from a front office standpoint, as Zion will bring fans to the games and his merchandise will sell nationwide.

With Zion being the best consensus #1 pick since Anthony Davis, my choice was easy.

A physical freak with star power unparalleled in this draft class. A no brainer, to be sure, at the top for NOLA.

Zion Williamson off the board. Where will the Memphis Grizzlies and their Mock GM (me) go at #2 overall?

You’ll have to come back and find out! We will be posting two picks every day here at GBB (including a couple Saturdays!) between now and the draft!

Stick with us for all the interesting insanity that is the GBB Community Mock NBA Draft!

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