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Mike Conley trade talks intensifying, per report

There are clear signs Mike Conley being traded is now a question of when rather than if.

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NBA: Utah Jazz at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It seems that the speculation of rather Mike Conley will be traded is likely closer to being a reality more than ever.

Shams Charania, in his latest Inside Pass, sheds light on the subject, stating the Grizzlies are “intensifying talks to move franchise icon Mike Conley”. David Cobb also provides local coverage on the story over at the Commercial Appeal. The Utah Jazz appear to be the front runners at the moment.

Tony Jones, who covers the Utah Jazz for The Athletic, has reported the Jazz’s interest since the trade deadline. The Jazz were certainly in the running for Conley at the trade deadline; however, the Grizzlies ultimately decided that it made sense to wait until the off-season to explore options.

Utah seems to be one of the more logical destinations for Conley to end up. The past few years suggest they are a talent like Conley’s away from making a conference championship type run like Portland did this year. They are a team with the space to take on Conley’s contract, and the desire to do so since they are a small market and may not be able to attract a major talent in free agency. Conley’s game would also be a wonderful compliment to Donovan Mitchell and would give Utah one of the best back courts in the NBA to go along with Rudy Gobert.

Stay with us here at GBB for the latest developments on Conley and all other news as we we are now three days away from the 2019 NBA Draft. While it is hard to imagine this week could be more action filled than last week, it certainly seems that is likely to be the case.