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This Week with the Core 4: Draft, Conley, Free Agency

We covered a lot this week!

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Exciting times for the Memphis Grizzlies! Last week, they finally traded Mike Conley — for better, or for worse. The draft went down, and they came away with two awesome picks. Now, as we enter the weekend, free agency is about to kick off.

That’s a lot of stuff to go down, and the Core 4 has you covered on every single topic.

For starters, in our post-weekend reaction to the draft, we really dive in on Brandon Clarke — as everyone has talked about Ja Morant for the past month. We discuss Clarke’s fit on the Grizzlies next to Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr., as well as his ceiling.

I was joined by SLC Dunk’s Mychal Lowman to talk about the Mike Conley trade and how it affected the Utah Jazz’s title contention status and their window.

Finally, we close the week with a free agent primer where we talk about the chances of bringing back Jonas Valanciunas and Delon Wright. In addition, we discuss our favorite outside free agent targets and give out some superlatives for them as well.

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