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How to Dominate with the Memphis Grizzlies in NBA 2K20

A small guide in how to destroy your opponents with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Raptors Uprising Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

NBA 2K20 is the hot topic right now, as each new 2K game is the big talk at the initial release. Behind the phenomena of myPlayer and myTeam, the brand of 2K has become wildly popular, adds to the NBA’s year-long buzz.

Some people aren’t with the whole myPlayer and myTeam. I understand it, as there’s more to life to it. So, to get away from the stress of life, or to hang out with their friends, one can do a simple quick game or online match-up — not myTeam, pro-Am, or myPark.

One may want to roll with the Memphis Grizzlies. Let me tell you, that’s not a bad call at all.

Though they won’t win many games in real life, they have the tools to be a nice 2K team for you to take on your pals — or online strangers.

For starters, the Grizzlies’ remaining top scorers from last year are beasts on both ends of the court. Jonas Valanciunas is obviously a brute inside, but he’s also a great rim protector. In 2K, his blocks rating is at an “A-,” and it was well on display, as he had 5 blocks in my game. Jaren Jackson Jr. is also a great 3-level scorer, which gives him terrific pick-and-pop potential. Either player works phenomenally in the post and in the screen games, and their defense will frustrate your opponent.

There aren’t any clear cut options on the wings for the Grizzlies, but they do have a lot of intriguing options. Between Andre Iguodala, Josh Jackson, Jae Crowder, Kyle Anderson, Dillon Brooks, and Grayson Allen, the range for ratings is 72 and 78. In addition, all these players are assets both in the 3-point game and in transition. When playing with the Grizzlies, look to run in transition — set rebounding to “run in transition” — and start flying with these wings. If you get stuck in the half court, that’s fine. Wait for them to double team Jaren, Ja, or Valanciunas — trust me, the CPU doubles A LOT — and let it fly from deep.

Brandon Clarke is also a nice transition asset. They set him to a small forward, because the 2K developers clearly know his game, but he does just fine as a power forward or center when set to it.

Finally, Ja Morant is awesome in this game. I’m dead serious when I say that he may be the most lethal Grizzly I’ve used in 2K — maybe, aside from prime Rudy Gay. He has a nice shot, but he’s lethal when going downhill. Granted, I was playing the Hawks, and Trae Young isn’t the best defender. Nonetheless, Ja got to the rim at will and would finish it on just about anyone — whether it was Alex Len or John Collins. So, if you really want to kill it in 2K, do the bulk of your scoring with Ja Morant, as it’ll also open up the rest of the offense.

The Memphis Grizzlies aren’t going to be the best team out there, but this is the most fun 2K team they’ve had in awhile. It’s definitely one you can do some work with ... if you’re good at 2K. If you’re not, no worries; there are other hobbies.

Test run against the Atlanta Hawks on All-Star difficulty.

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