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GBB Roundtable: What should inspire next City Jerseys

The Memphis Grizzlies have another jersey to release... Where should the inspiration come from?

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies have knocked it out this summer in more ways than one. The big grand slam of the summer though was the return of the universally popular Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys — along with a slick new court for it. Those jerseys and that merchandise will sell like hot cakes, and the throwback look will generate insane buzz whenever they rock them on the court.

The Grizzlies have another chance at a home run — or even a nice standing double — in the uniform game.

Every season, Nike releases a new line of “City Jerseys” for every team in the association. It’s super cool to see, as it sparks more creativity from each team. The Grizzlies’ two city jerseys have been pretty solid. The “I Am a Man” MLK Jerseys were incredible. The Wrestling Night ones, though, didn’t really resonate that well.

Could the Grizzlies kill it with another sweet jersey release here? What are some designs that could do the trick?

Some members of the Grizzly Bear Blues staff give their some potential ideas.

GBB ASSOCIATE EDITOR PARKER FLEMING: There are a lot of different ways the Grizzlies could go here. I was a huge fan of the Vancouver edition of the Memphis Redbirds uniforms. Maybe, they could add some Redbirds flair to return the favor. The Redbirds’ recent revamp is fresh and vibrant, giving the Grizzlies lots of potential to release a city jersey that’s absolutely flames.

Bonus: I’d absolutely geek if they designed their city jerseys after Bass Pro Shop or Paula Raiford’s Disco Bar.

GBB SENIOR STAFF WRITER BRANDON ABRAHAM: I think the Grizzlies’ next City Uniform design should come from reflect a local icon. Personally, I think having a jersey that mimics the semi-new neon Beale Street sign as you walk on Beale would be cool with a black backdrop. Another idea could be to have a nod as Memphis being “The Home of the Blues” with a musical style theme to the jersey.

The most difficult design idea I have, but one I think could be cool, is to have the jerseys reflect Memphis’ great local barbecue. With the Grizzlies having a partnership with The Rendezvous, they could have a jersey mimicking the iconic sign. With co-owner Nick Vergos passing away recently, it could be a nice nod to the Vergos family as well. Some of these ideas are a bit much, though, and with the Vancouver jerseys going to be a hit, I hope the Grizzlies don’t try too hard with the City uniforms.

GBB STAFF WRITER JORDAN PETERSON: The Memphis Grizzlies’ city jerseys should pay homage to our rich music culture - past and present. Music has been the backbone of Memphis’ culture, and that plays out during the game experience. Whether it’s the Grizzline drumming before home games or a rapper singing the introduction, music and basketball exist together harmoniously. They could play with our shades of blue to honor the blues or incorporate more literal music symbols to the design itself. However the creative minds chose to showcase it, no one would wonder why the city jerseys champion our musical culture.

GBB STAFF WRITER DARREN JEANS: There’s a lot of ways you can go here. For me, I’d like to see the Grizz take some inspirations from each part of the city.

Whitehaven. East Memphis. Germantown. All of them.

A major landmark from each area on their uniform to symbolize each region would be awesome.

GBB STAFF WRITER GREG LUBANI: The city jerseys should highlight the underlying character of Memphis. Ideally, it will bring to focus an aspect of the city that catches the eye and brings attention in a positive way. Last year’s city jersey for the Grizzlies didn’t come close to that for me. Instead, I propose focusing on how basketball has always served as a unifying rallying call for people of all genders, races, and religions.

For that, the jerseys themselves could take on the colors and design characteristics of the Lorraine Motel, now the National Civil Rights Museum. That combines a color emphasis that the fan base craves at the moment (turquoise) with retro characteristics that are currently popular in art and fashion. It would likely gain national attention for the subject matter and, just maybe, increase interest among youth for the museum and history it represents. It’s almost too perfect.

GBB STAFF WRITER ROSS JARRAR: This is such an easy layup LeBron is going to come out of nowhere to pin it to the background.

The Grizzlies should channel the Memphis Maniax of XFL fame to commemorate the football league’s relaunch next year.

The teal color scheme works well with the Grizzlies’ throwback uniforms they’ve already announced for the season too. Memphis will already be familiar with the colors, and they get to work with some absolutely beautifully ugly artwork. The Grizzlies aren’t a college team; they don’t need these uniforms to look slick to attract recruits.

Let’s get stupid with it.

Memphis gets bonus points if they include helmets in the uniform. Yes, the helmet has to look like a basketball.

What should next year’s city jerseys look like? Comment your thoughts below.

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