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Memphis Grizzlies Release Promotional Schedule

Now you know the giveaways, and when the Grizzlies will wear their Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys.

Memphis Grizzlies Block Party Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies have always done a superb job with the giveaways and the promotions. The Tony Allen Jedi robe, Zach Randolph wrestling figure, the Mount Grizzmore’s, the Chandler Parsons yoga mats, and the James Johnson neck tattoos are all iconic giveaways for different reasons. Now, we know what special giveaways are coming this year, as well as when the team will be rocking the throwback Vancouver Grizzlies threads.

When will they wear the Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys?

The Grizzlies did well here. There will already be buzz with LeBron and Anthony Davis coming to Memphis for the first time; now with the Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys making its return here, it’ll probably go down as the most hyped home game of the season. With throwback games against the Jazz, Hornets, Warriors, and Raptors, I’m praying that they wear their classic threads as well — just for the retro vibes.

What are the giveaways?

The normal giveaways will be returning this year, such as the growl towel, magnet schedule, wrapping paper, Grizz Girl poster, and rally flags. They also have a 2020 puppy calendar that’s bound to be cute as heck.

The Grizzlies also did a splendid job capitalizing on the old-school gear, as well as the popularity of their young players.

On the throwback nights, the Grizzlies will be giving away:

  • Hardwood Classics Flip hats — Nov. 29 vs. Utah Jazz
  • Retro Fanny Pack — Dec. 29 vs. Charlotte Hornets (this is a must cop)
  • Throwback Scarf — Jan. 12 vs. Golden State Warriors

The player promotions they’ll be running include:

Some of the promotional nights include the annual Martin Luther King Jr. game (January 21), Autism Inclusion Night (March 25), Women’s Night (March 21), Health Night (November 19), and Veterans Day Game (November 9).

The business and marketing side did another terrific job with the promotions this year, so be sure to come out to support the team and secure some of these giveaways.

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