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Surviving NBA2k20 Part Two

Update on the MyPlayer & MyCareer Grinds after weeks one and two

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Site Manager’s Note: Join our EdMemphis as he chronicles his journey through NBA 2K20 in a journal-like series of posts.

Two weeks into the release of NBA2K20 and I have been nearly exclusive to MyCareer mode thus far. I ended up creating a shooting guard build first & his current rating is an 86 with about 10 badges, most of which are defensive. Most of my play has been in the parks but I have run rec games and pro-am park games of course. The first week was hectic for the 2k community as the servers were down for many of my fellow XBox Live gamers in different regions the first two days.

On top of that, NBA2K itself was experiencing many problems that got so bad the hashtag Fix NBA2K was trending for two days. Not only was that trending but also Fire Ronnie 2k was trending, which is kinda extreme since Ronnie2K is merely a talking head and definitely not in charge of game development - that would be guys like Mike Wang. Things such as the MyPlayer shooting struggles in the park - players having too much speed, and some folks not even getting their prepaid Virtual Currency nor their prelude builds, sent many in the 2k community into a frenzy. I personally had to wait several hours to play the game online after waiting an hour just to download all of it’s content on to the console, but that’s on the XBox Live servers, not NBA2K.

However, I must say this year’s edition has been well worth the wait, despite the game play bugs and glitches early on. With a game so detailed and dependent on timing unlike any other game on the market, it’s bound for their to be trouble shoots the first few weeks, hence the many updates the game has installed since it’s release just two weeks ago. The last big update alone was over nine gigabytes of data. That alone not only speaks to the level of content, but also how hard they’re at work with game development.

Music is imperative in the land of gaming, especially competitive play. So of course I had to find some good music to grind MyPlayer with. Now I must say the NBA2K20 soundtrack has been dope thus far with music from the likes of Drake, Young Thug, Dreezy the late great Nipsey Hussle, KRS-1, and many more. However like most others these days, I require variety and music that is prefect to motivate the MyPlayer grind consistently.

My first week was mostly spent in the park, grinding out the MyPlayer’s overall rating, park rep, and badges. I was an 83 by the end of the first week & had earned 4 badges of which were, Defensive Leader, Clamps, Relentless Finisher & Needle Threader. I’ve played 3v3 games in the park mostly, which is the most difficult task defensively in the entire game with a .500 record at 28-28. My park rep after the first week was a Pro 1 which is above average pace but nothing special but neither was my time spent grinding.

My second week I only ranked up to Pro 2, being the progression meter starts slowing down significantly after level Pro 1 and up. I also haven’t played nearly as much as others but the skill and hoops IQ is still on par with the best! How so? Well I had the privilege of playing against YouTube sensation KingFrench2k in the park in a 3v3 game. If memory serves me correctly I had four points, 6 assists 6 rebounds 1 block and 2 steals against his team, which is good considering the head start he has getting a copy of the game a week early. His team won but he had his crew with him and I had two randoms who’s park reps were both rookies, however the few possessions I guarded or switched onto KingFrench2k he didn’t score on any of his attempts. Nevertheless his green machine game is on point, as evident in his ability to green light three-point shots even from half court the first week! Why is this so impressive? Well because most including myself had the game trending in social media, mainly complaining because nobody could shoot! So that speaks volumes to KingFrench2k being a student of the game if nothing else.

In MyCareer mode MyPlayer was drafted 18th by the Memphis Grizzlies. I listed the Grizzlies as my first choice in the pre-draft combine for several reasons obviously, but one specifically is their opening at starting shooting guard and to a lesser degree small forward. MyPlayer position is SG/SF so he has a great line on nabbing the starting SG spot soon. I’m currently 10 games in at 4-6 with MyPlayer still coming off the bench averaging 16 minutes and posting a stat line of 11.5 points, 11 assists, and 5.4 rebounds per game. My favorite players to play with in MyCareer thus far are Jonas Valanciunas, Jaren Jackson Jr, Josh Jackson, and Ja Morant. Josh is always cutting baseline when off ball, and is a more than willing shooter when you kick it to him in open space or rhythm shots and bodes well when grinding out the playmaker badges. Jaren is very athletic and versatile as a scorer so he gives you so many different ways to feed him assists all over the floor. Ja Morant is unselfish and a great finisher so he is awesome to feed on fastbreaks. Jonas is a beast when the game is slowed down and you wanna work on racking up assists in the post but I must say he is better than expected on fast break scoring some times.

I will dig more into MyTeam & MyGM modes in the next edition of this series. For now, remember to always stay on the shooter outside and you would rather give up a two point shot than a three point shot if forced to decide when switching defensively. The teammate grade tells the real truth.

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