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Full Recap: Memphis Grizzlies take down the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Grizzlies have now won seven straight games!

Cleveland Cavaliers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies took on the Cleveland Cavaliers at FedEx Forum on Friday night. It was “Murray State Night” at FedExForum in honor of Ja Morant’s college team. It was also a great opportunity for Memphis to get their seventh straight win.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Grizzlies survived what seemed to be a sloppy game from both sides. It seems to be like that when a team that is on a winning streak takes on an opponent that is struggling. The team that is streaking tends to get caught up in the opponents sloppy play, resulting in the opponent having a feeling of hope. Friday night the Grizzlies were the team streaking, and Cleveland was trying to muddy the waters.

Full Recap:

Starting early first quarter you could feel the energy in an arena that was buzzing, ready for Ja Morant highlights. The Grizzlies fed off the energy for the first couple of minutes before things would get sloppy.

A 27 point first quarter by the Grizzlies had the home team only leading by two at 27-25 after one quarter. The Grizzlies had moments where they led by six or more, but Cleveland just continued to make things messy when it seemed the Grizzlies had the answer.

Oh, and Morant did indeed have a highlight or two...

Quarter number two featured the Grizzlies playing down to their opponent. The Grizzlies just were not hitting shots, starting in the first quarter, and that trickled into the second quarter. Not only was Memphis’ offense struggling to get points, but Cleveland’s guards were getting to the rim with ease. Collin Sexton finished tonight’s ball game with 28 points, and a good portion of those points was from 8 feet away from the basket. Memphis’ defense just wasn’t making the rotations that were needed in the first half to generate offense off of defensive stops.

Memphis would get outscored in the second quarter by Cleveland 31-27 and would trail after two quarters.

The third quarter Grizzlies looked like a team going for their seventh straight victory. “We just fed off of our defense, got stops, and were able to get out and run,” Grizzlies guard Jae Crowder said when asked about how big that third quarter was for the team.

Getting up and down the floor off of missed shots was something that Memphis was missing in that ugly first half. Getting stops, and getting out and running on the break led to yet another ‘Ja Dropper” from Ja Morant in front of a crowd waiting to explode in that third quarter. Notice how Grizzlies analyst Brevin Knight calls out what is about to happen, and play-by-play analyst Pete Pranica explodes with the Morant flush.

Memphis would go on to outscore the Cavaliers in that big third quarter 38-20, and led 92-76 headed to the fourth quarter.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The fourth quarter would be an up and down affair for the Grizzlies. From leading by as much as 21 points, to almost blowing that lead within minutes. The Grizzlies would build on a big lead to start the fourth, but by the middle of the fourth the Cavaliers were chomping away at that deficit.

Dillon Brooks was a guy that played a huge role in Memphis’ offense throughout the game. There is no shame in Dillon’s game, and that was needed on a night like tonight. The Cavaliers would get as close as four, but couldn’t get over the hump after trailing big.

Memphis would escape on Friday night to defeat Cleveland by a score of 113-109.

Final Stats:

  • Dillon Brooks led all Grizzlies with 26 points, on 9/16 shooting, and 4/7 from three point range.
  • Morant followed with 16 points, and eight assists in 33 minutes.
  • Brandon Clarke tallied 16 points, on 6/8 shooting in 25 minutes.

What’s next?

The Memphis Grizzlies will look to win their eighth straight game on Monday night with an early tip at FedEx Forum in Memphis (5:00 P.M.). It will be MLK Day, and the game will be nationally televised on TNT. Follow (@sbngrizzlies) for all of your Grizzlies news and highlights!