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5 Questions with Celtics Blog - Core 4 Edition

I talk with our very own, and Celtics Blog writer, Jack Noonan before tonight’s game.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

This game will take on a lot of meaning for one of the most riveting subplots of this Memphis Grizzlies season — the pick owed to Boston.

Once thought to be another golden asset in Danny Ainge’s treasure chest of assets, the pick owed the Grizzlies owe to Boston has lost its luster, as the young, rebuilding Memphis team is further along their development than many expected.

Because of this interesting angle, I partnered up with Jack Noonan — GBB associate editor and writer for Celtics Blog — for this week’s Core 4 for 5 questions ahead of tonight’s game.

1) As a Boston guy, how do u feel about the Grizzlies’ pick?

2) Should they have traded it while it was a good asset?

3) Is there any resentment over passing on Brandon Clarke twice?

4) Thoughts on the Ja Morant vs. Kemba Walker matchup?

5) Is this a future Finals matchup?

Be sure to tune in. It’s a fascinating, insightful conversation with a nice opposing view of the convey dilemma. In addition, a preview of a captivating match-up that could amount to something more down the road.

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