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GBBLive: Wait, you’d pay Dillon Brooks WHAT??

It’s not a lot, really.

GBBLive logo big Andrew Millen

The Memphis Grizzlies are approaching what is sure to be an interesting trading season. That reality, and the always fun to discuss Jaren Jackson Jr., are two of the focuses of this episode of GBBLive! Listen to the show in the player below or via this link.

I was joined in the first segment of the show by GBB Associate Editor Parker Fleming, who spoke glowingly about his love for Dillon Brooks and what his market may be in free agency this coming summer. In the second segment of the podcast Mike Prada of SB Nation spoke with me about his terrific piece on every Grizzlies fan’s favorite unicorn, as well as the value of Brooks and what exactly should be expected from the Grizzlies come trade deadline time - spoiler alert, there’s minor Jae Crowder dissension!

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