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GBB Podcasts: Draft and Trade Talk

The 3&D and Core 4 podcasts went deep into offseason talk this week.

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We’re less than a month away from real moves being made, as the NBA draft is November 18th. Then soon, free agency will begin on December 1st.

As we draw closer and closer to those dates, we can’t help but speculate what could lie ahead for the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason.

The 3&D podcast goes deep into the roster to see who has a future with the Memphis Grizzlies, while the Core 4 Podcast talks about future NBAers and Memphis Grizzly’s.

Justin Lewis, Ben Hogan, and Leanna Ritter went through the entire roster — aside from Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant — and discussed their likelihood of staying a Grizzly through the offseason. For the players they suggest could be traded, they came up with potential deals that could be made.

Core 4: Who the Grizzlies should target at 40, and overall favorite draft prospects

Nathan Chester and Brandon Abraham start with Bubble talk, and if any of the performances are sustainable. They also dive into the draft and discuss noticeable mock draft trends, favorite draft sleepers, and who the Grizzlies should be targeting with the 40th pick.

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