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Grizz Gaming Gazette: With a Core in Place, the offseason begins

The Memphis Grizzlies had the ‘Core Four,’ whom brought Memphis success. Grizz Gaming has a ‘Core Three’ in place now, can they bring the same success?

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Grizz Gaming

It has been a few months since I’ve written about Grizz Gaming, but I’ve been watching the new trio “Grind” the new NBA 2K21 over the last month or so. A very glitchy game - even the pros are still getting used to it.

As we close the up and down chapter that was season three of the NBA 2K League for Grizz Gaming - The Grizz found their trio that could take them to the next step in season four of the NBA 2K League. The crew is pushing themselves to be better, not settle, and get Memphis to their first playoff birth in franchise history.

That trio? G O O F Y 7 5 7, Vandi, and Authentic African, whom Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker protected back on September 24th from being drafted in the expansion draft.

A 2K League Champion in Goofy, whom won his ring in 2018 with Knicks Gaming and has the pedigree that will lead this team to success, along with a big personality. Then, Vandi, whom has the biggest potential out of this trio given position, and overall production given his age. Also the Grizz have Authentic African, who is the most versatile, and the rock of this trio. Authentic has been on the roster since season one of Grizz Gaming, and has played four positions for Memphis in his time with the club, as he is their rock.

A triple threat of guys that can lean on one another, and help lead the other three guys that will be drafted this offseason. When you look around the league before we hit the 2K League Draft, and offseason moves, there are a select few teams with core guys in place. Grizz Gaming is in a unique spot to continue progression in season four.

A familiar face returning?

Just looking at the three players the Grizz retained, they can play with anyone. If you look back at last season, the core three was able to beat some of the toughest teams in the league. Consistency was an issue with all three, but last season was the first year all three had played together, so that is expected. Having one of the best Point Guard’s in the league, along with a championship-caliber Center, and a guy that can play any position efficiently - the Grizz can make some noise.

The 2K League is a Point Guard and Center game while your wings sit on the perimeter, and or corners as that opens up the pick n’ roll. Last season, Grizz Gaming struggled shooting the ball from the perimeter in numerous games. While this draft seems to be top heavy, the draft has several sharpshooters that could walk-in and help Grizz Gaming. One of those guys being JROD, who is having a fantastic offseason with his offseason team RDG2K21, whom has won 16K within a month of the games release.

A majority of the scoring will come from Vandi, Goofy and Authentic. The draft will be about getting locker room guys, and everything I heard about JROD was positive in terms of his presence around the core three. If you are unable to draft JROD this offseason, finding someone with a similar skillset won’t be too tough, as there are projected to be a ton of sharpshooters in the upcoming 2K League Draft.

Offseason look ahead:

While the draft is several months away, the Grizz have a great opportunity ahead of them as their core group of guys make offseason noise, and sit in solid position all the way around.

Grizz Gaming will not have their first round pick this offseason, as it was traded in the Goofy trade last offseason to Knicks Gaming. Memphis will have their second, third, and late round picks that Whitaker will look to take advantage of to complete this team for a playoff run in season four.

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