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Dillon Brooks is continuing Memphis’ Trick or Treat Tradition

It is a real thing

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NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is upon us. That time of year we send our children around house to house asking strangers for candy, displaying somewhat of a blind trust in humanity; a trust that is probably not deserved.

On this festive night, excited kids all dressed up in their costumes, head to the door and utter the phrase “Trick or Treat.” Of course, a normal human rewards the children with a treat (that mom and dad often pick through later that night to get the good ones for themselves).

For Memphis Grizzlies fans, Trick or Treat is more than a late October phrase to get candy - its another nickname for the Grindfather himself, Tony Allen. Allen came across this nickname in 2010, when Bill Simmons of ‘The Ringer’ tried to put into words his frustration with the then Boston Celtic.

Tony was and is beloved in the city of Memphis for not only his hard nosed defense but his occasional offensive blunder. You would be treated to four quarters of lock down perimeter defense on the league’s elite scorers, but then be tricked by his wide open missed lay up with no one anywhere near.

What made his trick or treat nature so lovable? He was never relied upon for his offensive contributions in order for the Memphis Grizzlies to be successful. That’s what Marc Gasol, Mike Conley and Zach Randolph were there for. TA just needed to trick his opponent and offer up the occasional backdoor cut layup as a treat.

While you may have pulled your hair out at the botched fast break bucket or the constant delay of game penalties, you never expected more from Tony. He was who he was and he fit perfectly in his role with the rest of the Core Four.

Disclaimer: I am not taking TA’s nickname and blaspheming it by assigning it to Dillon Brooks


Dillon Brooks is much more of a Trick or Treat player than Tony Allen ever was. Bill Simmons’ frustration is an iota to the constant turmoil Grizz fans go through watching Brooks on the floor — and that includes those who take up residency on DB Island.

Unlike the Grindfather, Dillon Brooks is in fact depended upon for significant offensive production for this current roster to be successful. Could you imagine if the Grit and Grind Grizzlies needed 20 points a night from their 2 guard in order to win games?

Now Brooks is a far better shooter/offensive player than Allen, but that is not saying much. Everyone knows that DB is capable of a 30 piece on any given night, which is an absolute treat. The problem is that his treats are also often the tricks.

How often have fans been sucked into the allure of three level scoring Dillon Brooks? The guy who can go get a bucket but also take the pressure off Ja Morant when needed. It’s because of them damn treats.

It seems as if most of the popular Halloween movies have sequels, people want to live the thrill and see their favorite villain return. Whether its Michael Myers, Jason or Jigsaw, the suspense and overall evilness suck their audience in time and time again.

Dillon Brooks is a scary movie franchise and super villain all in one.

Dillon Brooks: Super Nova

It’s the Dillon Brooks that shows up white hot. He’s driving to the bucket with his big body finishing through contact. He’s knocking down three’s with total ease. It’s a thirty plus point masterpiece that has you completely hyped for the sequel to come out. It’s a tale as old as time itself; a young player has his break out game and he’s here to stay a la Caris LeVert 2020. Then comes the sequel — and we all know the sequel almost never lives up to the original.

Dillon Brooks 2: Lost at Sea

Here we are. Brooks is either coming off a big time game or a stretch of a few good games. Dillon “Kobe Bryant” Brooks enters the building. It’s the altar ego version of good Dillon Brooks that exudes with confidence unjustified. This is that night he goes 2 for 17 and couldn't hit water if he was stranded in the middle of the ocean. This is the trick that is his treat. DB spent the majority of his post extension season lost at sea, never living up to the original, leading to another disappointing sequel.

Dillon Brooks 3: Foul Play

The first sequel just wasn’t enough. Despite the poor ratings, producers still decide to roll the franchise out in front of everyone, attempting to suck everything they can out of it. I mean what are there, like 7 Saw movies? This is the one that starts out promising, maybe even as good as the original, but then it just takes a turn for the worst. While still better than the second movie, a far cry from the one that started them all, (looking at you Toy Story).

Everyone loves to shame Jaren Jackson Jr. for the amount of foul trouble he gets in, but Dillon Brooks was third in the entire NBA in fouls per game at 3.8. “But he guards the other teams best player.” So did Tony Allen and he never averaged more than 2.7 fouls per game - granted TA is an elite all time perimeter defender. Regardless, there were many games Dillon might have started the game efficient or hot, but foul trouble forced Taylor Jenkins’ hand to remove him. The treat of him being the guy who guards the other team’s best player, is also just a trick.

New Orleans Pelicans v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Tony’s trick or treat style was tolerable because he played an acceptable role within his skillset. Perhaps DB’s trick or treat ways could go away were he to play a role within himself. The future of this Memphis Grizzlies franchise needs the treats of Brooks to not simultaneously be tricks. The treat of his scoring ability needs to be a treat.

No more tricks. Lose the sequels, we all enjoy Super Nova Dillon Brooks.

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