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Grizzlies unveil new Memphis Classic Edition uniforms

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Announce an alternate floor redesign as well to commemorate 20 years in Memphis for the franchise.

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Grizzlies Public Relations/@GrizzliesPR

Today the Memphis Grizzlies, via their Grizzlies PR Twitter account, announced that they will be celebrating their 20th season in the city of Memphis in style.

Per their press release, the uniforms pay homage to the 2001-2004 Grizzlies jerseys the team wore during their first seasons in Memphis, culminating of course with the organization’s first playoff appearance in 2004. Pau Gasol and others once upon a time rocked this black jersey with turquoise and red uniform as their set home game day attire - it was an alternate for the Vancouver Grizzlies, but became the first home set for the now Memphis Grizzlies.

20 years after Pau and company made the franchise’s initial mark for Memphis in this uniforms, Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson Jr. and company will get to do the same.

The team also announced a new logo commemorating the team’s 20th Memphis season as well as plans for a redesigned alternate court to celebrate the occasion. A website has been updated with the team’s plans for use and sale of the jerseys.

2020 has given us all sorts of ugliness to endure. Thank goodness the Memphis Grizzlies can bring the beautiful game of basketball back to us soon...

And look good doing it!

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