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GBB Consensus Big Board: 31-40

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Could any of these players fall to Memphis at 40?

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NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This is where it gets fun for Memphis Grizzlies fans.

Most of these players did get first-round grades from a few of our writers, but for the most part, the consensus suggests that they’re second-round prospects. If they happen to fall to the Grizzlies, it might be a quick, easy decision.

Let’s introduce them to you — both the good and the bad.

Big board participants — myself (@PAKA_FLOCKA), Joe Mullinax (@JoeMullinax), Brandon Abraham (@bcabraham), Nathan Chester (@NathanChester24), Shawn Coleman (@StatsSAC), Ben Hogan (@NotTheGolfer), Justin Lewis (@J_Timberfake_), Lauren Harvey (@DragicKingdom), EdMemphis (@SquareBidness), Greg Ratliff (@GregRatliff), Jesse Cinquini (@CinquiniJesse).

NCAA Basketball: Arizona at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

31) Nico Mannion, 6’3” Guard, University of Arizona

GBB Senior Staff Writer Justin Lewis (23): Nico is just a hooper. There are some guys who pass the eye test no matter the analytics. Sometimes those guys end up being Tony Wroten, but not the case here with Mannion. He was inefficient shooting his one season at Arizona but then again he’s super young. He’s an exciting prospect that could be special under the right development.

GBB Associate Editor Parker Fleming (46): His youth and playmaking upside play a large factor in his standing in big boards elsewhere. However, he lacks a good point of attack, as he didn’t score in the top-25 percentile in isolation, pick-and-roll, spot-up, or transition points per possession. He also projects as a guy I can see getting targeted defensively with his small frame and negative wingspan. Nico Mannion should’ve stayed another year or 2.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

32) Jahmi’us Ramsey, 6’4” Guard, Texas Tech University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Staff Writer EdMemphis (12): Jahmi’us Ramsey is a combo guard version of Kelly Oubre but has Lou Williams/Donovan Mitchell-lite potential. He has stud potential for real.

GBB Staff Writer Greg Ratliff (51): Ramsey mostly is lacking in fundamentals. Needs to work on his dribble a bit, and get more consistent with his shot. He has decent potential mostly due to his raw athletic ability.

NCAA Basketball: St. John at DePaul Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

33) Paul Reed, 6’9” Big, DePaul University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax (25): 6’9” with a 7’2” wingspan, Paul Reed can do a variety of things across the front court. He’s an athletic finisher who can pound the ball around the rim while also gathering boards at a decent clip. He is able, due to that athleticism, to switch and compete as a defender routinely - he won’t be out of place in an NBA system where bigs are expected to hold their own against wings and even ball handlers. But even better than that, Reed has the frame and bounce to be able to develop as a rim protecting smaller 5 depending on the system. His offensive game needs a lot of work, but there are signs of reasons for optimism (like his decent percentages) and as a reserve big he won’t be asked to be some multi-talented creator for himself and others.

Can he defend multiple positions, can he rebound, can he grow in to his shooting skill? Yes. With those three tools, he’s in line to be a solid NBA bench player.

GBB Associate Editor Brandon Abraham (48): I’m “low” on Reed due to him being pretty one dimensional heading into the NBA Draft. Reed projects to be a solid defender at the NBA level, but there are pretty big questions about his shot and decision making on the offensive end, especially with him not excelling as a ball handler either. He’s also fairly lean as a player and will get bullied down low until he grows into his body.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Baylor Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

34) Devon Dotson, 6’2” Guard, Kansas University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Staff Writer Greg Ratliff (30): Dotson could be even higher if he was more consistent of a mid-to-long range shooter. He does well at the hoop but is still fairly inconsistent from distance. If Dotson can develop his range he could be a steal at this spot of the draft.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Nathan Chester (45): Devin Dotson’s struggles as a shooter keep him from being a player that have high aspirations for.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

35) Tre Jones, 6’3” Guard, Duke University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Ben Hogan (33): The most obvious reason to like Tre Jones in the draft is his defense. He can be a lockdown defender coming off the bench and he doesn’t turn the ball over. He finished 35th in the nation last year with a 2.87 assist/TO ratio. He prefers to get his teammates involved, but doesn’t mind having the ball in his hand with the game on the line.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Shawn Coleman (42): Defense and steadiness as a floor general jump off the page in regards to Tre Jones. There is clearly value added as a defender, as his potential as a disruptor and defensive could be of tremendous value in the NBA. However, there are plenty of questions around his offensive game, and plenty of time will likely be needed to develop it. If he develops a reliable defender, you have a potential starting point guard. An elite perimeter defender of Jones’s size at the next level without a relevant offensive game typically does not reach higher than one of the first reserves off of an NBA bench, and there is a realistic chance that may be his peak over time.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

36) Cassius Winston, 6’1” Guard, Michigan State University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Nathan Chester (26): Cassius Winston epitomizes what a winner is. He is one of the best all-around shooters in the draft, and he will make any team that he joins better with his presence.

GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax (47): Listen, it’s not that I don’t like hard-nosed basketball players. I do. Winston is tougher than most, and he has displayed the ability to lead a team and help them power through adversity. Even if he never gets to that level of leadership in the NBA, there is value there. And of course, his shooting percentages (43% from three, 85% from the charity stripe) speak for themselves. He has a nice handle, and he seems to check the “smart basketball player” box that the Grizzlies value so much.

So why be low on him? He has had numerous knee ailments, and he already isn’t the most fleet of foot when it comes to his movement defensively. He can’t thrive in transition like a good chunk of the Grizzlies roster can. Since so many teams like to have guards with high gears in addition to the smarts between the ears, Winston may not click well in the NBA.

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

37) Isaiah Joe, 6’5” Guard, University of Arkansas

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Associate Editor Parker Fleming (25): Don’t let this year’s 3-point percentage fool you, Isaiah Joe is a flamethrower from deep. In his freshman year, he tied Jamal Murray’s record for the most 3-point field goals in a single season from a SEC rookie, and that mark was 4th all-time behind Steph Curry and Trae Young. He’s not just a specialist either, as he’s flashed potential as a pull-up shooter, secondary playmaker, and plus defender. He’s going to thrive at the next level with more spot-up opportunities, and his shooting could make him an impact player on day one.

GBB Staff Writer Jesse Cinquini (50): Joe’s efficiency as a sophomore was less than ideal, especially considering it dropped drastically from his freshman campaign, as he managed to convert just 36.7% of his field-goal attempts and 34.2% of his threes. Additionally, his 1:1 assist-to-turnover ratio as a sophomore highlights that he has a long way to go as a playmaker. Lastly, Joe did not venture into the paint as a driving threat all too often despite having great touch, and this frailty stunted his growth as a playmaker as well.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Auburn vs Charleston Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

38) Grant Riller, 6’3” Guard, Charleston University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Nathan Chester (20): Grant Riller is the most accomplished three-level scorer in his class, and he has a skill set that is ready-made for the NBA. He will absolutely not fail.

GBB Associate Editor Brandon Abraham (49): I’m low on Riller because although he’s great at putting the ball in the basket, that’s about all I’ve seen him do. At Charleston, he had to take on the heavy load offensively which showed some defensive lapses as well as limited his passing ability since he had to spend so much time and effort scoring for his team. In limited action against non-mid-major action he struggled mightily, which doesn’t bode well for him at the NBA level.

NCAA Basketball: San Diego at Gonzaga James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

39) Killian Tillie, 6’10” Big, University of Gonzaga

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Shawn Coleman (28): Injuries are the first thing that jumps off the page about Tillie, and rightfully so. However, the shooting, intelligence, footwork, and overall feel for a man of his size makes him such an intriguing front court piece for any team in today’s NBA. As we have seen in the playoffs, the bigs that can shoot prove to be valuable in high leverage situations and the playoffs. Tillie seems to have the ability to offer enough defense to not take away from that, and the intelligence offers immediate value, especially for a contender.

In the right system, if he stays healthy, Tillie really emerges as one of the best candidates to be the true steal of this draft.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Justin Lewis (52): A common theme on my board is low on the more traditional bigs. While Tillie can spread the floor some, his raw numbers were quite underwhelming at Gonzaga. If you don’t dominate in college, and in the conference he played in, I’m not overly thrilled at your potential against the world’s best. His 5 rebounds a night have some Marc Gasol vibes and everyone was frustrated with his low rebound total. Also an older player who is who he is. Give me someone still growing.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

40) Xavier Tillman, 6’8” Big, Michigan State University

For full breakdown, click here.

GBB Staff Writer EdMemphis (30): Xavier Tillman can be a PJ Tucker/Draymond hybrid, but more so a big man version.

GBB Senior Staff Writer Justin Lewis (46): The love for Tillman is one I truly don’t understand. The days of the undersized forward that can’t spread the floor are fading fast. He had good raw numbers at Michigan St, but many college guys abused their peers (see Hasheem Thabeet). He hustles on the boards but this league is all about scoring, something he will struggle to do in the NBA. He’s got G League written all over him.

Which of these guys do you want to see fall to Memphis at 40? Leave your thoughts below.

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