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Grizz Gaming Makes A Move to Continue Growth

2K League Champion Goofy757 is heading to Portland.

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Grizz Gaming entered season three wheeling and dealing, trading for one of the best Centers in the NBA 2K League, former champion G O O F Y 7 5 7. Following a season that got off to a slow start with ups and downs, Grizz Gaming General Manager and Head Coach Lang Whitaker is reportedly sending Center Goofy to Blazer5 Gaming in order to acquire two first round picks. The deal will be the first three team deal in 2K League history as it involves Portland, Nets GC, and the Grizz.

On Monday morning, news broke of a three team trade in the NBA 2K League - one of those teams being Grizz Gaming. The centerpiece of the deal, Goofy757, being shipped from Memphis to Portland after one season with Grizz Gaming.

A season that was up and down for numerous reasons like COVID- 19, Grizz Gaming only improved by one game from season two to season three. Lang Whitaker capitalized on his investment in Goofy by giving up their first round pick in this year’s draft last offseason, but pulling in two first rounders to put Goofy in a winning situation next season. It looks like a win-win for both the Grizz and Goofy.

Outlook for Grizz Gaming:

The Grizz head into the 2K League Draft in a few months with two first round draft picks after having none. With those picks sitting right in the middle of the first round, Memphis sits in a unique situation to build around their two guys main players, Authentic African and Point Guard Vandi.

The pick Memphis gave up in order to acquire Goofy, sits at number 9 in the upcoming 2K League Draft. Grizz Gaming will now hold picks 14 and 16 in the upcoming NBA 2K League Draft, as Whitaker and company look to build a team that can contend consistently while putting guys in positions to win. The good thing for Memphis - Authentic can return to his natural position at Center, where he and Vandi thrived together at the end of season two.

Also worth noting that Vandi and Authentic African have played together in several tournaments this offseason with Authentic at the 5 and Vandi at Point Guard. Building chemistry with two of the most two important players on the virtual hardwood - point guard and center.

Grizz Gaming has a huge offseason in front of them. While it is early into looking at prospects, the talent is projected to be really strong on the wings, and the Grizz need those players to push them to the next level.

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