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GBB Podcasts: We’re So Close to the Draft!

The draft is closer. Finally!

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The draft is almost here.

Thank the Lord.

The draft coverage timeline was pushed back 5 months, as the league’s shutdown forced the NBA to push the draft back to November. It’s been a crazy process — probably a lot of over-analyzing.

Nonetheless, it’s 5 days away, and I hope GBB has prepared you for what’s to come. Though with all the rumors, no one really knows what’s going to happen.

Tune into our podcasts from this week!

The Starting 5 Podcast: Thoughts on NBA Restart, Favorite Grizzlies Draft Targets, Overrated/Underrated Draft Prospects

On this weeks’ episode of the Starting 5 podcast, the guys ran a 3-man weave drill with 3 starters out but with fellow GBBer Justin Lewis. Parish, Trevor, and Justin discuss the NBA’s new season start date, Grizzlies targets in the NBA draft, and answer some general questions about the entire NBA draft.

GBBLive: 2020 NBA Draft Preview with Chris Herrington of Daily Memphian

On this episode of GBBLive, Joe and I break down the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft and how fast (or slow) the Memphis Grizzlies should play the upcoming offseason with Chris Herrington of the Daily Memphian.

Core 4: The 2020 Draft is Deep with Potential Role Players, Future Grizz/Mavs Outlook with Mavs Draft

I talked with Mavs Draft (@MavsDraft on Twitter) about covering the draft and their biggest hits from it. We also talked about favorite draft targets for the Mavericks at the 18th and 31st picks, as well as our favorite draft sleeper, Elijah Hughes from Syracuse. They close the show with the outlook of the Southwest Division, and what they’re most excited about with future battles between the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks.

I promise you - next week is the last time we’ll talk about the 2020 NBA draft.

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