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GBB NBA Draft 2020 Open Thread

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Let’s try this again

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2019 NBA Draft Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Well, Grizzly Bear Blues, here we are. Draft night. And we’re doing an open thread - in 2020! What a world!

The comments section on posts have really taken off in the last few weeks. Usually it is on my posts - and usually you’re all being mean to me. But given how quiet the comments usually are, it is a welcome sight to see. No worries on GBB’s viability - as former Site Manager Chris Faulkner used to say, we have a lot of “lurkers” around GBB, and out site’s numbers back that up. But it’s good to have that community feel, even when it’s at my expense.

So, have at it here. Be respectful of one another and enjoy the Grizzlies participating in the 2020 NBA Draft. No attacks of a personal nature will be tolerated - do it and you’ll be warned, do it twice and you’ll be banned. Who do you think will be drafted? Will Memphis make a trade? Disagree and debate, but remember we are all fans of the same squad here.

I’ll be floating between here and our Twitter account. Use this draft tool to keep up with picks, and check out all our 2020 NBA Draft Coverage on the Memphis Grizzlies here.

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