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Grizzlies trade again, select Xavier Tillman Jr #35 overall

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Memphis sends #40 and a 2022 2nd to the Kings to make the pick

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Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies spent the first few hours of the 2020 NBA Draft not doing very much aside from spectating. Then, with a flurry of activity, that all went away. First, Desmond Bane came to Memphis after a trade with Boston. Then after another trade, sending #40 and a 2022 2nd rounder (per Chris Herrington) to the Sacramento Kings, the Memphis Grizzlies took Michigan State big man Xavier Tillman Jr. Another draft Twitter darling, Tillman has a very versatile game that should fit nicely alongside fellow Spartan/best buddy Jaren Jackson Jr. and Brandon Clarke long-term.

Our EdMemphis broke down his game here in another player profile for us at GBB and highlighted his ability to defend on a variety of levels while also facilitating offense quite well considering his size. He is also a capable rebounder, and while he is undersized he has shown the ability to attack the paint and be a force around the rim. He needs to develop his shot from range, but he doesn’t need to be too outside of his comfort zone too early since the roster is pretty much set.

Memphis has had a successful night, acquiring two experienced and talented players with high basketball IQs - fitting the type of the Grizzlies “standard” quite nicely.

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