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Grizzlies reveal City Nike uniforms honoring Issac Hayes, Stax Records

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When your NBA franchise GETS’re probably Memphis.

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NBAE/Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies organization understands its city and their culture as well as any in the entire National Basketball Association. That shines through in the work they do in the Memphis community more than anywhere, but in terms of on the court product the uniforms the team rocks are very visually appealing for very Memphis reasons.

The latest threads, modeled by Ja Morant in today’s unveiling, are yet another example of that connection, and the newest personification of the history of the city being highlighted by the Grizzlies.

The importance of Stax Records and Issac Hayes in Memphis cannot be overstated. So much of the vaunted soul of the city comes from the beautiful sounds they’ve created over the years, and Stax/Hayes played a massive role in that process. As usual with these wonderful uniforms, the true beauty is in the details. The font color and structure inspired by Hayes’ Cadillac El Dorado. The signature sunglasses on the jersey. The African Kente cloth-inspired pattern calling to mind Hayes’ activism and fashion sense. All these aspects connect and intertwine with the fabric of Memphis culture, a culture that the Grizzlies have become a major part of these last 20 years.

NBAE/Getty Images

Hayes and Stax are incredibly important parts of what makes Memphis the unique and beautiful place that it is. That the Grizzlies are able to show time again what matters most in the hearts and minds of the city they represent so well is something to be thankful for - now and always.

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