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GBB Podcasts: Wings and Fits next to Ja and Jaren

Let’s talk wings!

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Christian Tim Flores-USA TODAY Sports

We’re so close to having NBA basketball!

With preseason basketball starting next week, the GBB podcast network covered the Grizzlies’ wing rotation and incoming rookies for this season.

Who are some of your favorite Grizzlies wings? Who should emerge as a mainstay rotation player in the Grizzlies crowded wings? Better yet — what are your favorite chicken wings?

We answer questions like that on the GBB podcast network.

3 & D: All Things Wings w/ Parker Fleming

Justin Lewis had me on the “3 & D” podcast to talk about wings. Both on and off the court. We named some of our favorite and least favorite wings around — I’m also taking suggestions. We also discussed the state of the Grizzlies’ wing rotation, and who could emerge in its crowded field of perimeter players.

GBB Live: Grizzlies future fits and Memphis wings

On this episode of GBBLive, Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk to Jackson Frank of DimeUPROXX about the Memphis Grizzlies being beloved by NBA Twitter and how Xavier Tillman, Justise Winslow, Grayson Allen, Brandon Clarke and more fit the skill sets of young stars Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr.

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