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Authentic African lives up to the name

Authentic African is one of a kind.

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NBAE via Getty Images Michelle Farsi

Mehyar Ahmed-Hassan, Authentic African - Grizz Gaming NBA 2K League Player. A guy who scored 84 points in a 2K League game several years ago, a native of Toronto, Canada - and now Canadian E-Sports Olympian. Authentic African continues to live an extraordinary life while excelling on the virtual hardwood.

When you hear Authentic African’s name, you should think of Grizz Gaming. Apart of the last three seasons in Memphis, “Double-A” continues to work both on the court and off the court. When brought up in conversation amongst his 2K League peers, the compliments come rolling out. Arguably the most versatile players in the NBA 2K League, Authentic African heads into season four looking to continue moving the needle in Beale Street Blue.

Sitting in the middle of his fourth offseason of the NBA 2K League Authentic continues to challenge himself. “I’ve always led by example, but I’m working this offseason on being more vocal,” Authentic discussed what his main focus is this offseason — leading by example, and helping Grizz Gaming General Manager/Head Coach Lang Whitaker build a culture in Memphis.

“I feel like our identity around the league is that if you come to Memphis, we are going to you treat like family. We are going to take care of you off the floor, and you have opportunity to be apart of something special on the floor,” Double-A talked about the identity that they’ve created in Memphis over the last three seasons.

“We have four open spots, and if you are drafted by us (Grizz Gaming), you have a great opportunity sitting in front of you,” Authentic continued about the Grizz as they head into the NBA 2K League Draft. He isn’t lying about a great opportunity. Authentic and Vandi have committed each other to the grind this offseason. Vandi at Point Guard and Authentic Center, the two know how pivotal to the Grizz success this upcoming season.

So committed to one another, they’ve taken a break from their teams that they built before the 2K League, and made one themselves for the PS5 tournaments that will take place over the next few months. “Bright Lights” debuted last week.

When asked about returning to his natural position of Center, Authentic discussed just how versatile he is, “Well, I can really play one through five. I played Point Guard some in season one, so I can play one through five really.” So, whichever direction Grizz Gaming goes in the NBA 2K League Draft, Authentic is ready to step in and help this franchise take the next step.

Authentic and Vandi - a strong duo that Grizz Gaming will take heading into the franchises fourth season in he 901. They are a team on rise, with the potential to cause some chaos in a league that has committed to guys that are already in the league. Grizz Gaming, a team that hasn’t made a playoff appearance yet will look to take the next step with Authentic and Vandi at the helm.

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