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GBB 5 Questions: Lakers edition

We mix it up & go from Rajon Rondo to Kendrick Lamar & Kobe

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

As the Grizzlies lost another game post All-Star break, they look to right the ship tonight & get their first win. This is a club without arguably both of It's best front court players in Jaren Jackson Jr. & Brandon Clarke who are both out the next couple of weeks with injuries. Here we dig into different avenues of Saturday's matchup & get some intel from @TheLakersReview & NBA 2k comp player & laker twitter loyalist @_whogonestopmee

Saturday is a huge game for the Grizzlies as they are in serious meed of a win. Let's find out some things about this Lakers team who beat down the Grizzlies just a few games ago.

EdMemphis: Rajon Rondo has faced a lot of scrutiny this season as he has surprisingly underwhelmed at times in the back-up point guard role. How confident is Lakers Nation that "Playoff Rondo" will delliver as always has versus getting a continuous version of underwhelming Rondo?

@TheLakersReview: There is a small faction of Laker nation that believes there is a "Playoff Rondo" & thus are confident in him producing during the playoffs. But most believe what the Lakers get out of Rondo come postseason time is what he's provided all year long: not much.

EdMemphis: The Lakers still long that 3rd star, although Kyle Kuzma has displayed such potential at times. However some view his level of maturity as far from a finished product. Does the locker room truly trust him & have total confidence in Kuz or is there a dose of bubble guts about his ability to become a polished 3rd option?

@TheLakersReview: Unfortunately I can't express the true feelings of the individuals in the locker room in regards to Kuzma. What I can go off is what they've said about him through the media, & that is Kyle is a key piece in the lakers goal of winning a championship. Personally I think the individual third star for the Lakers has sailed & the team will have to rely on a committee to create that third option.

@_whogonestopmee: I think what a lot of people forget is that Kuzma is a 3rd year player & playing behind two all time greats at his positions. He isn't getting the touches that he had gotten in previous years & he is being asked to be more efficient with limiting opportunities. I don't think you can be too confident in any untested young player but Lakers fans expect that when the lights get bright in the playoffs, he will be ready, no excuses.

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

EdMemphis: The Lakers group has went against the trend of today's NBA of small ball lineups by doubling down on size & rebounding, even to the extent of making LeBron the official starting point guard. Considering the age of this group, how does this group expect to hold up versus the five put lineups they will see in the playoffs. What counter lineups do we see in those instances?

@TheLakersReview: I don't think age will factor in how the group holds up against five-out lineups. It'll be the success at both ends of the court of having a traditional center that will be the deciding factor against the new norm of the NBA. In the instances JaVale McGee & Dwight Howard are not effective, the easiest counter Frank Vogel can make is to put Anthony Davis at the five.

@_whogonestopmee: With the exception of the game versus the Houston Rockets, the Lakers have faired well versus the five out lineups but I look to see a lot more AD at the five down closing stretches of games in the playoffs. AD is a very good wing defender.

EdMemphis: Lionel Hollins is arguably the greatest Head coach in Memphis Grizzlies history, as he is the Father Of Grit N Grind. How has he been received thus far in LA & is he likely to be the first coach on the Lakers staff to get another head coaching job or is his reputation of being anti-analytics something that will lead to Jason Kidd getting a job before him?

@TheLakersReview Hollins as well as the rest of the coaching staff have been recieved very well by the Lakers fans. It helps the team has been so good this season. So there isn't much finger pointing going around. As far as Lionel getting a head coaching job, this is where I do think age factors in the search of a team looking for a new head coach. Lionel turns 67 this year.

I don't think Hollins would be the first assistant coach on the Lakers to get a head coaching job. My money would be on Kidd.

@_whogonestopmee: Lionel Hollins has been such a refreshing change in LA. In the previous head coaching staff, we didn't have anyone with the pedigree of Hollins & Phil Handy. The coaching staff has done a good job of remaining under the radar though it's hard to say

I think to Hollins & Kidd's credit, they've been very under the radar becuase they know the type of attention anything to do with the Lakers has. There was much made about Kidd being on the staff looking to usurp Vogel, but it's been smooth sailing. We're just happy to have them both & wish them success of either gets Head coaching opportunities.

Well that about Wraps things up. We want to thank @TheLakersReview and @_Whogonestopmee for collaborating with us on this & ask that you check out their content on all of their platforms.