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Quarantine questions with Memphis Hustle HC Jason March

Catching up with Hustle Coach Jason March during the quarantine

Salt Lake City Stars v Memphis Hustle Photo by Brandon Dill/NBAE via Getty Images

It has been just over a month since the NBA and G-League suspended their seasons in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With both seasons essentially put on pause, it has put players, coaches, front office members and staff in uncharted territory. The timing of the suspension was unfortunate for both the Memphis Grizzlies and their G-League affiliate the Hustle, with just 9 games left remaining in the regular season and a 2.5 game lead on the 2nd seed in the Western Conference.

With a month of trying to gain familiarity with the craziness going on in the world, I caught up with Hustle coach Jason March to discuss how he’s handling the unknown in regards to the future of the G-League season.

Brandon Abraham: With the rest of the G League season up in the air at the moment, what is your thought process as a coach? Are you mentally preparing to finish out the season or are you in “wait and see” mode?

Jason: “I am in more of a wait and see mode. Although, I have been watching film and looking at different things we can do better.”

If the G League season is indeed over what has been your biggest takeaway from your first season as the Hustle’s head coach?

“The league, players, and product on the floor in general are much better than what the perception is about the G League.”

If the season is over, what has been your biggest accomplishment? What do you wish had been better?

“To date, the biggest accomplishment would be that I feel every player on our roster showed improvement. I think we’ve had great development with our group. We had a total of six players from our opening night roster go on to play minutes in the NBA and probably should have had more. The staff and I are very proud of that because that is a major goal in the G League. Development and getting guys to their ultimate goal of playing in the NBA. One of the other things was how we started the season. That was something that was important to me. To come out of the gate and break a G League record, I feel that said a lot about our group and the work they had put in.”

Have you been able to stay in constant contact with the team and go over any stay at home training for them to do while waiting on a resolution for the season?

“We as an organization have great communication. We speak to the players often and really all you can do is encourage them to stay home and stay healthy.”

What has been the most difficult part in waiting for a resolution to the G League season?

“Just the unknown, I guess. I am a planner and I like to be ready for things. Not knowing what is next makes that difficult.”

Wild Animal Sanctuary In Colorado Home To Almost 40 Tigers From Wildly Popular Documentary Of Joe Exotic “Tiger King” Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images

With the suspended season, it’s probably the closest thing to a real “offseason” that players and coaches in the basketball world. With more free time on his hands now more than ever, Jason was kind enough to answer some questions about what he’s been doing with the extra free time.

Brandon Abraham: How have you kept yourself busy during the quarantine?

Jason March: “Being with family. Playing with the kids and playing a lot of board games.”

What shows, if any, have you been binge watching?

“Ozark, and Peaky Blinders.”

What’s been your favorite show or movie you’ve watched during the quarantine?

“Peaky Blinders for sure.”

What’s the worst show or movie you’ve seen during the quarantine?

“Tiger King without a doubt.”

Have you picked up any new hobbies to keep you busy during the quarantine?

“Not really. I play 2k20 more than I ever have.”

Anyone who follows you on social media knows you are a family man. How has it been having so much more time to spend with them over the last few weeks?

“It has been great to be with my family every day. We have tried to have fun. I would obviously like to leave the house and go do things with them but we have taken this very seriously and have tried to make the best of this situation for sure.”

A huge thanks goes out to Jason March for taking the time to answer some questions from me during a time where he has been able to get away from the media for a bit. I think Jason and I would both agree though that we hope the next time we get to talk, it’s about basketball again.

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