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GBB Podcast Network Week in Review: Hitting and Missing on Stars

This week’s podcasts focused on how the Grizzlies have hit and missed on (potential) stars.

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Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

This week’s podcast schedule is truly a tale of two regimes.

On one hand, you saw what happened when a team goes by “need over talent” at the 2nd pick in the draft. On top of that, they went off upside.

Meanwhile, there’s the current regime that went with a more surefire pick, one that slipped due to age and shooting concerns. Because of that, they are reaping the benefits, as the pick’s been valuable for the team’s long-term outlook — both on the court and on the cap sheet.

What was in our rotation this week? What should be on your queue over the weekend?

3andD: Roster Ratings and Clarke Conversation

Shawn Coleman and Justin Lewis discuss GBB’s latest Brandon Clarke feature and how he adds value for this Grizzlies team. It led to conversation regarding Clarke and the core of Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant, as well as an evaluation of the roster and the assets at hand.

This is also Shawn’s last podcast as the host of the 3andD podcast, as he’ll be joined former GBB Associate Editor Mark King as a co-host on the Locked on Grizzlies podcast. He’ll remain a Senior Staff Writer, but his podcast presence will be missed. No worries either, because Justin’s got big stuff planned with this podcast.

The Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The 2009 Draft, Missing on Curry and Harden

For this edition of “Revisionist Grizztory,” I touch on probably the biggest one in history: the 2009 draft. I had Gary Parrish from CBS Sports and 929 ESPN to discuss the rationale behind Thabeet at the time and the revisionist history of selecting Stephen Curry or James Harden instead.

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