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GBB Podcast Network Week in Review: Whenever the Season Returns

We’re at the two-month mark.

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Memphis Grizzlies v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been two months, and though the talks of the season’s return has ramped up, it still feels so far away. There just seems to be so many hoops to go through to return to the NBA season.

It’s truly crazy...and also possible.

How can it be become possible? And what are some potential outcomes and plans for the season’s return?

A few GBB podcasts have you covered here.

Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The Grind City, The Lob City Rivalry

GBB Senior Staff Writer, co-host of the “Locked On Grizzlies” podcast Shawn Coleman joined me for this edition of “Revisionist Grizztory” to talk about the rivalry with the Los Angeles Clippers. We answered questions about their similarities through their differences, and if any Grizzly rivalry could emulate it.

3 and D: Zion vs Ja, 8 Seed talk with Mason Ginsberg

Justin Lewis is joined by Mason Ginsberg of Bourbob Street Shots and Blue Wire Pods to talk about what should happen if the season starts back. Should Mason’s Pelicans have a shot at the playoffs? Or should the Grizzlies go ahead and stick at the 8 seed with an immediate playoffs? Also, they talk about the ROTY “race” between Ja Morant and Zion Williamson.

GBBLive: Resurrecting the Memphis Grizzlies (and their NBA season)

Host Joe Mullinax and Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports talk about our “new normal” and the seemingly more likely return of the NBA. Keith’s idea to run it all at Disney (which appears to be coming to fruition) was also discussed, as well as ways Memphis could use their various trade exceptions. Keith loves the Grizzlies front office - hell, who doesn’t at this point?

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