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Grizz Gaming Game Preview: Bouncing back

What we learned in week two, and what’s ahead of Grizz Gaming in week three.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming won one game in their two matchups (5 games) in week two. Some are hitting the panic button right now, but if you’re in my seat - you’re thinking Grizz Gaming got a tough draw.

Despite having a tough draw in week two, the Grizz will need to improve in week three to snag their first dub. With that being said, what will it take for Grizz Gaming to snag their first win of the season against Heat Check Gaming on tonight?

Grizz Gaming v Heat Check Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images


For the Grizz, tonight will be a battle for several reasons. In the Grizz’s five games last week, consistency was a huge issue. You can pick any category you’d like in the box score, and Grizz Gaming didn’t perform consistently in that category.

Grizz Gaming Point Guard “Vandi” had some really solid games, but the rest of the team was essentially quiet in all five games except for Grizz Gaming wing JRod was scorching in the third quarter of game two against Hawks Talon GC, a game in which the Grizz won.

The Grizz as a whole have to be more consistent defensively as wekk. I’ve noticed that in the 2K league that each team runs a full court press into a 3-2 zone defensively. This leaves room for the center to rotate around the zone. Almost each team I’ve watched runs the exact same defense, into their half-court sets. For Grizz Gaming, their half-court defensive breakdowns are worse than most. You’ll see the guard sling the rock from the right wing to the left corner in an effort to shift the defense.

For Grizz Gaming, there is no rush to rotate or force a second pass to the left wing in that instance, instead the wing man would drill a corner three. It happens in most cases when the offense breaks Grizz Gaming’s full court pressure.

If the Grizz want to get their first dub of the season, consistency on the defensive end will play a huge role, not only getting stops, but getting out and running on offense.

Knicks Gaming v Jazz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski//NBAE via Getty Images

Tough Opening Week From Goofy:

The buildup to the season had mostly been surrounding Grizz acquiring center Goofy from Knicks Gaming, and pairing him with their current Point Guard Vandi. While Vandi scored well throughout week one, Goofy struggled on both ends. Being a Center on 2K or in the NBA that means that you’re the teams last line of defense and rebounding off of missed shots.

One that caught my eye was how Grizz Gaming had Goofy come up to plug the middle at the top of the key in their 3-2 zone. Not a good spot to put Goofy, and as a big man, the recovery in that situation when the ball is thrown cross court is tough.

It just felt that Goofy was doing too much, and trying to figure out his spot on both offense and defense in week two.

I think after watching film, Goofy will have a solid week two against Heat Check Gaming. Goofy will matchup against Heat Check Gaming’s big man “Hotshot.”

Scouting the Enemy:

Grizz Gaming (0-2) will take on Heat Check Gaming (0-4) tonight at 6:00 P.M. CT live on ESPN2, Twitch, and Youtube. Both teams are winless and starving for victory. For Heat Check Gaming, a young and rebuilding roster built around their center Hotshot. Heat Check Gaming’s General Manager/Coach “Famous Enough” made it known that the team was going to make some changes sitting at 0-4.

Two years ago, Heat Check Gaming was in the 2K League Finals. So, for Famous Enough to come out and make these changes speaks volumes. Famous mentioned how hard it is doing remote play, and not being with his team in person so that he could see their mentality throughout the game.

The Heat have three rookies and three veterans. A good mixture, but the remote play has been tough for those rookies due to inexperience I’m sure.

Two teams searching for their identities for this season, one close to meshing in Grizz Gaming, and one trying to find themselves in Heat Check Gaming. Both trying to stay together during the ups and downs of a six week 2K league season.

Tonight Grizz Gaming will kickoff a night full of action on ESPN2 at 6:00 CT against Heat Check Gaming as they search for their first win of 2020.

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