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Grizz Gaming can’t recover from slow start

If it wasn’t time to panic before, it’s time to panic now.

Grizz Gaming v Heat Check Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Thursday night, Grizz Gaming opened up their busy week three searching for a victory against Heat Check Gaming, who would be searching for their first victory themselves.

Game one for Grizz Gaming was a game you just never want to discuss again. The first quarter was semi-competitive between Memphis and Miami, but when the second quarter started, the Heat took off.

The first quarter, Grizz Gaming were looking competitive, and slightly more than their game one blow out loss to Heat Check Gaming. In the first quarter, Memphis only trailed Miami by two but were still struggling getting stops defensively. Letting Miami shoot 64% from the field in the first half allowed Miami to take off a bit in the second quarter. After two quarters in game two, Miami led Memphis 40-31, with Memphis on the verge of falling to (0-3) on the season.

In the third quarter, Memphis started off the second half getting multiple stops leading to scores. After that, the Heat took off, and Memphis couldn’t score. In order for Memphis to recover after a bad second quarter, stops would be needed to get a run started. Unfortunately, Memphis would make almost no ground up on a half time deficit, and would trail the Heat 57-47 heading to the fourth.

Grizz Gaming would then go on a massive run led by Vandi and Grizz Gaming wing JRod in the final 2:30 of regulation. Memphis cut the Heat’s double-digit lead to within six, to within a tie game with 2.2 seconds remaining on a JRod top of the key three. The Heat couldn’t convert a free throw line jumper and we were headed for overtime.

Overtime was a heart breaker, as Vandi would doing everything in his power to push the momentum for the Grizz. The Grizz would finally lead, but would fall to the Heat this series by a score of 79-73 handing Memphis their third straight loss.

Memphis will be back in action tomorrow night as they will take on Kings Guard Gaming tomorrow night on ESPN 2, Twitch, and on YouTube at 6:00 P.M. CT.