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Grizz Gaming searching for their first win of 2020

Grizz Gaming and Lakers Gaming are searching for their first dub of 2020 tonight.

76ers Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming kicks off their week four of the NBA 2K League Season winless, and with hopes of getting back on track against Lakers Gaming tonight.

Week three ended in heartbreaking fashion for Grizz Gaming as the team fell victim to another sweep, this time from Kings Guard Gaming on a buzzer-beater three pointer in game two. A game two that Grizz Gaming led 90 percent of by double-digits.

Week three ended with Memphis falling to a winless Heat Check Gaming squad and followed that the next night with a sweep to Sacramento. With changes needing to be made, what can we expect from Grizz Gaming in week four as they look to get their first win?

Matchup Preview:

Where? ESPN2, Twitch, Youtube

When? 6:00 P.M. CT

Opponent: Lakers Gaming

Game two against Kings Guard Gaming could’ve been a peek into the future for Grizz Gaming. Blowing a 12 point fourth quarter lead to the Kings wasn’t ideal, but using their defensive captain AuthenticAfrican to press the guard full-court, and having at the top of the 3-2 zone was perfect.

Before, Authentic was used on the right wing of the 3-2 zone, while Vandi would guard full-court and man the top. That slight adjustment opened up the team on both ends of the floor. Vandi was able to focus on the offensive end for majority of the game, and Grizz Gaming’s Center wasn’t put in bad situations when the offensive player would get past the guards, allowing to Goofy to play freely on offense.

It felt like before the change, Vandi and Goofy were rushing their offensive sets, and that was leading to bad possessions on both ends. It seemed like despite the fourth quarter loss, Grizz Gaming made an adjustment that could lead to their first win of the 2020 season against Lakers Gaming,

Grizz Gaming’s Continued Growth:

While Grizz Gaming remains winless, there are things that Grizz Gaming is improving on, and will need to complete tonight against the Lakers. First, Vandi continuing to be the offensive threat, while keeping the “others” involved.

Vandi has one of the best scoring guards this season in the 2K League. With Vandi taking a lesser role on the defensive end, Vandi focused on facilitating on the offensive end, and scoring down hill.

The same can be said for Grizz Gaming center Goofy’s game one and two of the Kings series. Goofy did a much better job of guarding the rim, rebounding, and setting good screens in the pick-n-roll.

The Grizz just have to close out games better, by playing the same way that got them to those solid leads. In the final three minutes, Vandi forced several passes along with several shots in crucial possessions. They took too many shots too early in the shot clock, and pushing pace when it wasn’t needed. I look for Vandi to complete his game this week against Lakers Gaming.

The biggest thing in game two was that the entire team was engaged. JRod was drilling threes, along with DDouble who both have been inconsistent with their production on both ends of the floor. If those two can make their presence known, Grizz Gaming could be looking at their first season victory.

Scouting Lakers Gaming:

Lakers Gaming is heading into tonight’s matchup against the Grizz still winless after losing their series against DetroitGT on Wednesday night. The Lakers lost their first game by 10, but fell in game two by one point. Sounds like a similar story to the Grizz last week.

The Lakers have been the victims of close losses and inconsistent finishes. Two teams that play similar styles that are on the verge of losing their seasons, or potentially saving them with a win tonight.

With both teams looking for a win, and both coming so close to victories in the last week, only one will emerge with their first win. Grizz Gaming (0-4) will tip off week four against Lakers Gaming (0-6) at 6:00 CT on ESPN2.