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Grizz Gaming collects first win of the season

Grizz Gaming showed true character and grit in week four to collect their first win of 2020.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming and Lakers Gaming, both looking for their first win of the season and ready to seize the moment. Which team would emerge victorious on Thursday night?

76ers Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

Game One:

The first half Grizz Gaming seized from the tip-off. The key matchup would be Grizz Gaming defensive captain AuthenticAfrican, and Sav of Lakers Gaming. Sav, averaging 35.6 PPG this season, and Authentic taking on a huge role pressing full-court for Grizz Gaming’s defense would be a titanic clash.

The first quarter, Memphis played smart on both sides of the floor. Moving the ball on offense, and getting stops that allowed Grizz Gaming to get out and running. The Grizz led the Lakers by a score of 20-15 after one quarter. The second quarter, Grizz Gaming would maintain, and continue to make scoring difficult for Sav and Lakers Gaming.

The second half of game one, the Grizz took on a third quarter Lakers run and were ready for the moment as Grizz Gaming would answer each punch for Lakers as Memphis would win the third quarter by a score of 51-50.

The fourth quarter, a quarter Memphis blew last Thursday night against Kings Guard Gaming playing not to lose, would be a huge quarter for Memphis. Leading by one, the first few minutes, Grizz Gaming and the Lakers would go back and fourth. However, Memphis would make winning plays down the stretch as Memphis would get a dub in game one by a score of 67-60.

Game Two

The first quarter of game two, Grizz Gaming wasted no time taking off on the Lakers. A 25-5 run in the final three minutes of the first quarter and a DDouble buzzer-beating top of the arch three pointer had the Grizz leading the Lakers by a score of 27-9 after one quarter.

The second quarter, the Grizz kept their foot on the gas after an outstanding first quarter. For the Grizz, outscoring the Lakers in the second quarter 22-13 and pushing their lead to as much as 30 points in the second quarter was a huge confidence booster. Memphis would push their lead to 27 at the half, leading Los Angeles 49-22 at the half.

Despite the Lakers making a small run in the opening minutes of the third quarter, Memphis’ defensive intensity was just too smothering and consistent. Memphis would maintain a 25-28 point lead throughout the third quarter, and would win the third quarter by one point as they would lead Lakers Gaming by a score of 68-40.

The fourth quarter, Grizz Gaming would put the nails on the coffin after a fantastic showing through two games. In the fourth, Memphis would push their huge lead to as much as 38 points. Goofy collected his first triple-double of the 2020 season as Grizz Gaming defeated Lakers Gaming in a sweep on Thursday night by a score of 103-56.

Grizz Gaming collects their first series win of the season against Los Angeles on Thursday night. Memphis will be back in action on Tuesday night against Celtics Crossover Gaming.