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Grizz Gaming defeats T-Wolves Gaming in regular season finale

Put some respect on the boys in Beale Street Blue.

76ers Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

Two teams riding win streaks met Tuesday night. In the season finale for Grizz Gaming and T-Wolves Gaming, which team would prevail?

Game one:

Grizz Gaming came out on a mission from the jump. The squad won the first quarter by two, mostly by playing suffocating defense. In the second quarter Grizz Gaming’s run took a turn. Bad passing, the ball bouncing the wrong way, and Vandi unable to get going had the Grizz only scoring 10 points in the second quarter, but allowing the Wolves to drop 28 points in the second frame of game one.

In the second half, Grizz Gaming just couldn’t recover from a awful second quarter. Trying to find themselves, the Grizz forced too many things in the second half. Trailing by as much as 41, the Grizz would fall in game one by a score of 94-55.

Game Two:

Following one of his worst games ever, Vandi came out of the gate looking like a digital LeBron James. Dropping 13 points in the first quarter and having 20 points for the first half, he led a Grizz team that looked more organized, and strayed away from the Wolves up-tempo style of play.

Playing hungry but patient had Grizz Gaming leading the Wolves 46-35. Grizz Gaming center Goofy was all over the boards in the first half, and Grizz wing man AuthenticAfrican was active on both ends of the floor.

Unlike game one, Grizz Gaming wasn’t shook when the Wolves made their run towards the end of the third quarter. Overcoming a 12 point lead, the Wolves tied the ball game heading into the final frame of game two.

In the fourth quarter, Grizz Gaming answered each Wolves score and held a two possession lead for a majority of the quarter. Not playing into the Wolves hands, playing a halfcourt game, and being smart helped Grizz Gaming secure the dub by a score of 79-73.

Game Three:

Game three would start tightly. Both teams exchanged early leads, wanting a series win. In the first quarter, Memphis worked themselves out to a six point lead heading to the second quarter. Grizz guard Vandi and T-Wolves BearDaBeast would be the matchup to watch. After two quarters, it was neck and neck as Grizz Gaming led the Wolves 37-34 heading into the final half of the series.

The second half was neck and neck. The Grizz would continue their smart play on both ends of the floor. Authentic would end the night with 7 steals, with all of those steals ending Wolves runs where they had a chance at tying or taking the lead.

The Grizz would get a statement victory Tuesday night as they end the regular season on a four game winning streak, snapping the T-Wolves five game streak. Memphis would win game three by a score of 69-64.

The Grizzlies will be back in action next week for the NBA 2K League TIPOFF Tournament June 16-19 on ESPN2, Twtich, and Youtube. Stay tuned to Grizzly Bear Blues for tournament updates.