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Grizz Gaming hot streak continues at The Tipoff

What. A. Night! Grizz Gaming Advances!

Grizz Gaming v Bucks Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming was carrying a lot of momentum heading into tournament play on Tuesday night. They would need that momentum to get past the Warriors and Pacers if they wanted a chance at the playoffs.

Grizzlies vs. Warriors Gaming:

Game One:

Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi came out of the gates running. He led the Grizzlies in first quarter scoring, dropping 16 of Memphis’ 20 first quarter points. At the start of the second quarter, Grizz Gaming would slowly drift away from what they do best - that’s half court offense and lockdown defense.

Playing out of their comfort zone, Grizz Gaming would crumble in game one, falling by a score of 73-67 to the Warriors.

Game two:

Arguably one of the best games of the night, Grizz Gaming trailed a majority of the game to the Warriors. Late in the third quarter, Memphis would finally put the pressure on the Warriors. Taking the lead by two at the end of the third quarter, it seemed like Grizz Gaming had found an answer for the juggernaut that is Warriors Gaming.

It would come down to the final seconds of regulation where Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi, would take the game into his own hands.

Grizz Gaming would split the series with the Warriors with a huge game two victory by a score of 73-69.

Grizz Gaming vs. Pacers Gaming:

Game one:

Grizz Gaming, coming off of a huge W against Warriors Gaming, came into their matchup with Pacers Gaming with supreme confidence. Pacers Gaming, also spliting their series with Warriors Gaming, would be no easy dub for the Grizz, but being back home on their own servers was a win in and of itself.

The first half, Memphis and Indiana played back and forth. They matched each other point for point and stop with another stop. The Grizz would trail after one quarter, but that was only by a point.

In the second quarter Grizz Gaming would outscore Pacers Gaming, but not by much. Outscoring the Pacers 14-11, had Memphis leading Indiana 35-33 at the half of game one in (virtual) Memphis.

The Grizz in the second half of game one would push out to a 10 point lead, and maintain that 10 point lead throughout the second half. Despite a late comeback by Pacers Gaming, Memphis would hold on to win their second straight game on the night 73-69.

Game two:

In first half, Grizz Gaming picked up where they left off against the Pacers in game one. The Grizz, riding their heat wave, seemed they would be heading for their pool’s playoff spot. The Pacers, fighting to stay alive, seemed to force a lot, and it didn’t help that Memphis was putting the pressure on them defensively.

In the second halfGrizz Gaming would take off with a double-digit lead, and with each minute ticking off the clock doubt was kicking in for Pacers Gaming. The Grizz would defeat Pacers Gaming, completing the sweep by a score of 88-64.

Grizz Gaming secured a spot in the playoffs on Thursday night. Pool play continues tonight, but we should know who and when Memphis will play on Thursday night in the playoffs following Wednesday’s games.