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Grizz Gaming falls to Kings Guard Gaming

This made it further than many predicted.

NBA 2K League - Mid Season Tournament Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Coming out of pool play in the NBA 2K League ‘Tipoff’ tournament, Grizz Gaming was an underdog story and facing a familiar foe in Kings Guard Gaming Thursday night.

Game One:

Grizz Gaming would get off to a rather slow start against the off and running Kings. Struggling to get stops, the Grizz were forced into a tough spot in the first quarter by trying to match the Kings point for point. Fortunately for Memphis, their offense wasn’t too bad. The Grizz would trail the Kings 19-16 after one.

In second quarter, the Grizz would start their downhill spiral. Unable to get defensive stops and turning the ball over left and right, Memphis was heading down quickly. Losing the second quarter by seven, Memphis would trail the Kings 39-29 heading the the second half.

The second half started and the wheels came off of the Grizz Gaming wagon. Falling further and further away, it was clear that the Grizz already had their sights set on game two of the series. Memphis really hadn’t been a game one team all season, so their 84-52 loss in game one was no shock.

Game Two:

In the first quarter Grizz Gaming trailed by six, and if you follow the Grizz that is just not normal in game two. As the quarter went on, the Grizz got their stuff together and put together a solid first quarter. The Grizz went in to the second quarter tied with the Kings at 18 apiece.

In the second quarter, Memphis started taking it to the Kings. The squad was getting in to the paint, allowing their big man Goofy to get some buckets in the lane. Vandi had an opposite showing the first half as well, compared to his game one showing. The Grizz entered halftime leading the Kings 38-35 in an elimination game two.

In a tight second half, Grizz Gaming held as much as a six point lead over the Kings who are known for strong second half performances. Despite getting a solid lead over Sacramento, the Kings just made more plays, as they would defeat the Grizzlies 67-62. This loss knocking the Grizz out of the TIPOFF tournament.

The Grizz will be back in action on June 23rd as they’ll take on the Gen. G Tigers on ESPN2.