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GBB Roundtable: Top Ja Morant moments

There’s a lot to choose from, but one reigns supreme.

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Orlando Magic v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Ja Morant has a lot of game, and it’s generated a lot of fun moments from this past season.

His style of play is mesmerizing, as a good mixtape can be made off highlights from one game. He’s come up in big moments, showing tremendous poise for a young player. He also has immense swagger that can make even a Tuesday night at FedExForum a fun night.

As we’re at the year-mark of the Ja Morant era, some of the GBB staff decided to reminisce on some of the best moments from 12’s rookie season.

Honorable mention: Game-winner against Charlotte, Ja Morant proving to Kendrick Nunn that ROTY is his to lose, Ja trolls New York Knicks

Justin Lewis, GBB Staff Writer and Host of the “3andD” Podcast: My favorite Ja moment is the first win of the season against Brooklyn. The blocked shot on one of the league’s premier point guards was of course iconic in itself, but the play to win the game matters more to me. Ja is clearly the most talented dude to ever put on a Grizz Jersey, but he doesn’t carry himself that way. To win the game, he set up a teammate to seal it instead of forcing a shot up himself.

Parker Fleming, GBB Associate Editor: One of my favorite moments from Ja Morant didn’t necessarily come on the court. It came from the Andre Iguodala beef. Granted, Dillon Brooks’ comments started the fire, but Ja Morant’s voiced his opinion and stood up for his team. National analysts and other blogs were trying to bully the Grizzlies into buying him out to go to a contender. Even Iguodala poked fun at the situation. Ja let the world know how he felt about Iguodala, clapped back at Steph Curry, and showed that these young Grizzlies weren’t going to be picked on. Besides, who doesn’t love Twitter drama?

Brendan Smart, GBB Senior Staff Writer and Grizz Gaming Correspondent: I was in attendance for the Grizz and Rockets matchup at FedEx Forum. The famous, Ja Morant trash-talking of James Harden — “Tell that mother****** about me” — became another iconic moment for Morant in his rookie season.

McCarty Maxwell, GBB Staff Writer: When Ja went toe to toe with James Harden in a Jan. 14th win, it was a special moment for the rookie and this team. Morant led the team to a convincing victory over a top Western Conference opponent, playing one his best all around games of his young career. Though Harden dropped 41 (on an inefficient 13-37, 5-19 from three), Morant was on fire, going for 26 points and 8 assists, on 10-11 from the field. Truly special.

Brandon Abraham, GBB Senior Staff Writer and Memphis Hustle Correspondent: Ja’s best trash talking moment has to be him barking at the Rockets with his “Tell that MF about me” taunt. That game, on NBA TV, was just the beginning of Ja gaining a ton of national attention and not being afraid to talk trash to James Harden endeared Ja to not just Grizzlies fans but everyone outside of Houston.

GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax: My favorite Ja Morant moment is his “arrival” against Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets back in the Fall, which now feels like it was two years ago instead of just eight months. The block, the clutch offensive plays, the energy at was all so fun to watch. The energy was back, after a lengthy absence, and Ja was the catalyst. He wasn’t afraid of taking on everything that came his way, and Memphis came to love him even more after seeing their hopes in Morant come to life.

What was your favorite Ja moment from the last season? Comment yours below.

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