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Grizz Gaming falls to Gen.G Tigers

Two great teams battled Tuesday night. One had to prevail,

Grizz Gaming v Bucks Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Both Grizz Gaming and the Gen.G Tigers were riding momentum and looking similar in terms of their recent winning ways. Grizz Gaming would take the upper hand in the second quarter in game one. Memphis’ defense would look like a blanket on the Gen.G Tigers’ juggernaut of an offense. Holding the Tigers to 29 first half points, the Grizzlies would take off on the first run of the game stretching the lead as far as 12. Memphis would lead 40-29 at the half of game one.

The second half, the Grizzlies would take off on the Tigers. With the Memphisdefense swarming and limiting the Tigers on the offensive end, the Grizz would push their second half lead as far out as 20 points. Despite a late run from the Tigers, Grizz Gaming would take game one by a score of 77-67 behind Grizz big man Goofy’s triple-double.

Game two:

The Grizzlies would dominate the first three quarters by playing lockdown defense and scoring on the break. Leading Gen.G by as much as 20, the Grizzlies seemed to have the game wrapped up, but Gen.G would wake up towards the end of the third quarter.

The fourth quarter felt like it took decades to finish. As Grizz Gaming’s lead fell apart, and Gen.G Point Guard Shifty heated up, the Grizz had no answers and seemed like they were playing not to lose, which is not healthy if you want a win. Memphis would fall in the final minute in game two to the Tigers 76-79.

Game three:

Game three, we wouldn’t be able to see the first half but Memphis would trail by as much as 13 in that first half. Grizz Gaming would trail Gen.G by a score of 45-34 at the half of game three.

With the second half upon us, Grizz Gaming would need to be remarkably perfect in the second half to uphold their regular season winning streak. Memphis would open up the second half going at the Tigers, getting their lead down to four and even taking the lead for a few seconds in the fourth quarter. It felt like Memphis was on the brink of something.

Unfortunately for Memphis, the Tigers had built up such a lead and confidence that their momentum couldn’t be touched. The Grizz Gaming four-game regular season winning streak would be snapped on Tuesday night against the Gen.G Tigers as they would fall in game three by a score of 71-65.

The good news for Grizz Gaming is that they will have a quick turnaround as they take on Knicks Gaming Wednesday night at 6:00 CT on Twitch and Youtube.