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Grizz Gaming Defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming in Three Games

Vandi silents the critics as Grizz Gaming Picks up their second dub.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Coming off of a big win last week against Lakers Gaming, Grizz Gaming would need to carry that momentum into Tuesday night as they took on Celtics Crossover Gaming.

Game One:

Celtics Crossover Gaming came out of the gates running. They forced Grizz Gaming into some bad shots, and forcing several turnovers. Fortunately for Memphis, the guys bounced back after several minutes. Grizz Gaming would tie the game after trailing by six, and would lead Boston after one quarter by a score of 16-15.

The second quarter, we found out that the Grizz would would be in for a slug fest. Losing the second quarter by a score of 20-12 had Memphis trailing by seven heading into halftime. Turnoversand on ball pressure from Celtics Crossover Gaming had the Grizz trailing Boston 35-28 after two quarters in game one.

The third quarter, Grizz Gaming would make no ground on the Celtics seven point lead. Unable to get consistent stops would hurt Grizz Gaming as the squad would fall 66-59 to Celtics Crossover Gaming in game one.

Game Two:

It felt like the second half from game one carried into game two. The Grizz just trying to hang around, but were unable to get any stops. The Grizz carried that same energy into the first half of game two.

In the third quarter, after trailing by as much as 13, Grizz Gaming started to lock down defensively. The team was getting stops and getting points on the break. Memphis went from a team that was dead in the water to locking everything up, making their defense turn into offense.

Memphis would make a huge comeback, outscoring the Celtics 25-9 in the fourth quarter and force a game three against Celtics Crossover Gaming. Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi had quite the game, dropping 40 and helping lift the Grizz.

Game Three:

It was clear that Grizz Gaming had the momentum. Momentum was something I mentioned in my game preview that the Grizz would need to have to win the series. After trailing by a huge deficit in game two, coming back, and striking the Celtics in the fourth to force a game three, it was clear Memphis was in Boston’s heads.

After two quarters of game three, it was also clear that Vandi was locked in. After watching oFab talk mad trash in game one and the beginning of game two, we saw Vandi rise up and lead Grizz Gaming with supreme confidence. Vandi dropped 22 points in the first half of game two, as the Grizz led Boston 45-32 headed to the final half of the series.

In the third quarter, Grizz Gaming pushed their lead to 15 points as Memphis was just taking it to the Celtics. That run would continue into the fourth quarter as Grizz Gaming would pickup the win. Grizz Gaming wins the series 2-1 and wins game three by a score of 87-68.

Grizz Gaming will be looking to pickup their third win of the season on Thursday night as they take on Pistons GT on the ESPN app at 8:00 P.M. CT.