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Grizz Gaming wins third straight

The Grizz are back in the game.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming entered Thursday night in search of their third straight victory. Their opponent? Pistons Gaming Team. Could Memphis pull it out?

Raptors Uprising Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

Game one:

The Grizzlies got off to a rather slow start throughout the first few minutes. Trailing 7-0, Memphis looked lost resulting in a Memphis timeout. Following the timeout, Grizz Gaming went on a 14-3 run to end the first quarter. After one, Grizz Gaming led Pistons GT 17-10.

In the second quarter, Grizz Gaming maintained a Pistons second quarter run which had Detroit back in the game. The key for Memphis would be how AuthenticAfr (Double A) would lock up Demon JT in the second half. In the first half? Authentic held Demon JT of Pistons Gaming Team to 0 points. After two quarters, the Grizz maintained a three point lead.

In the third quarter Grizz Gaming ran off the rails, surrendering several runs, with the big one being outscored in the third quarter by Detroit 22-6. Grizz Gaming guard Vandi was ice cold in the third quarter and that hurt the Grizz immensely.

In the fourth quarter, the Grizz were able to trim the Pistons lead down to single digits, but that would not be enough. That third quarter deficit would be too much for the Grizz to overcome as Memphis would drop game one by a score of 62-51.

Game Two:

Grizz Gaming’s start was the opposite of game one. The Grizz got off to a rough start and were unable to bounce back. It felt like the Grizz were in desperate need of a run, but it was always just out of reach. Memphis trailed 17-10 after one quarter of game one.

In the second quarter, the Grizz were able to work their way back into the game. After trailing by seven, the Grizz put together some stops, which led to scores. These points gave Memphis the lead at the end of the first half. Thanks to Vandi and company heating up on the offensive end, Memphis led 32-30 after two quarters.

In the third quarter, Memphis would take off on the Pistons. Vandi would leave the third quarter with 33 points, as that would help Memphis outscore Detroit 31-17 in third quarter giving the Grizz a 63-47 lead heading to the final frame.

In the fourth quarter, the Pistons would work their way back into the game. Cutting the Grizz double-digit lead down to as little as three, but the Grizz would escape. Memphis would escape behind Vandi’s 45 points and six assists. The Grizz would be heading to a huge game six.

Game Three:

In the first quarter of game three, Grizz Gaming took control. Leading by as much as seven, Memphis would win the first quarter by a score of 17-11. Getting that early lead would be key for Grizz Gaming as their lead would continue to be built.

The Grizz continued to put the pressure on the Pistons defense as the game went on. With Vandi pressuring the Pistons defense, and Authentic locking down the Pistons offense, the Grizz outscored Detroit in the second quarter 24-12.

The Grizz would lead majority of the second half by double-digits, but similar to game two, the Pistons would make one final push in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. Despite this, Grizz Gaming would be able to fight them off. The Grizz would win their third straight game in a row defeating the Pistons 65-64 in game three.

The Grizz will look for their fourth straight win on Tuesday night as they take on T-Wolves Gaming at 8:00 P.M. CT on ESPN2.