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Grizz Gaming enters biggest week of the season

Time to work

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Grizz Gaming vs. T-Wolves Gaming and Hawks Talon GC 5.17.19 - Grizz Gaming

With the “Turn Tournament” tipping off late next week for Grizz Gaming, two huge games sit at center stage for Memphis this week.

Memphis sits right in the middle of about five or six teams in a log jam for the ninth and final playoff spot. Granted, Memphis could win The Ticket tournament at the end of the season that would grant them the 10th playoff spot, but I’m sure they’d rather secure a playoff spot before then.

Tonight their toughest week of the season begins. Tonight it will be Nets GC, who sits at 7-4 on the season. Then, the Grizz have another great opportunity on Friday night against Jazz Gaming, who sit second in the NBA2K League standings at 10-2 following a win last night against Mavs Gaming.

Scouting the Enemy (Nets):

Wednesday, Grizz Gaming will take on NetsGC, who fell last night to 76ers Gaming Club in double OT. The Nets, who have one of the brightest rookie Point Guards in Choc, have a similar defense to Memphis in terms of pinching the guard at the top of the perimeter and force the others to score.

In my interview with Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi, I asked how you could contain Choc, and he broke it down for me. “You have to pinch Choc on the perimeter, force him to give it up or turn the ball over.” This interview happened before the Tuesday night matchup, but the Sixers did a really good job of that on Tuesday. It is also unknown what archetype that Choc will bring out on Wednesday night.

Key Matchup

Vandi vs. Choc

The two high-scoring point guards will go head to head tonight as Memphis will host two of the three games, the good news is that all three games will be on east coast servers.

Sitting in the top tier of the 2K League in scoring, Wednesday night’s matchup proves a greater purpose now that the Nets are a game ahead of Memphis, and Memphis needing a victory to get over that .500 mark.

Scouting the Enemy (Jazz):

The Jazz come into Friday night’s matchup sitting second in the 2K league with 10 wins and their playoff spot pretty much locked in. With 10 wins being the target for a playoff birth (for right now at least), the Jazz are coming off of a huge win against Mavs Gaming on Tuesday night.

The Jazz really have a well balanced roster of guys who can get going at any given time. The key for Memphis, similar to their matchup with Blazer5 Gaming, will be using their home court advantage. Games one and three will be on Eastern servers, so if Memphis can get a game one victory, that’ll be huge for Grizz Gaminng.

Tip Times & Where to Watch:

  • NetsGC vs. Grizz Gaming - 6:00 P.M. CT

TV: Twitch (Command Center), Youtube, and the ESPN App.

  • (7/17) Jazz Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming - 6:00 P.M. CT

TV: Twitch (Command Center), Youtube, and the ESPN App.

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