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Grizz Gaming Interview: The Great Vandini

The man, the myth...the Vandi!

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LONG ISLAND CITY, NY - APRIL 3: Vandi of Grizz Gaming looks on during a game against Wizards District Gaming during Day Two of the NBA 2K League Tip Off Tournament on April 3, 2019 at the NBA 2K Studio in Long Island City, New York.

Vandi, the second year Point Guard out of Aurora, Ohio, is helping lead the charge for Grizz Gaming in 2020. Vandi was kind enough to sit down with me for around 15 minutes to take a look back on last season, his adjustments this season, and what’s different this season for Grizz Gaming.

Grizz Gaming vs. T-Wolves Gaming and Hawks Talon GC 5.17.19 - Grizz Gaming
Steven Freeman | Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Vandi, lets take a look back on last season. You averaged right at 17.5 points per game, and you mentioned how different the atmosphere was in the 2K league your first season. What was the biggest difference you had to adjust to?

“My biggest adjustment was playing in front of my monitor at home. Last year we were in New York, sitting across from our opponents. Your opponent is sitting right in front of you. So, it was such huge adjustment for me.

The last three seasons Grizz Gaming has had rather slow starts and haven’t been able to recover from them. What makes this season different for this team?

Right now, I think there is seven teams with five or six losses, and we are one of those teams. Fortunately for us, we have the Nets this week, and the Bucks coming up as well that are with us in that group.

We have 16 or 17 point leads, and then I start speeding things up so that we can push the lead further out, and that leads the other team back into it. For example game two three against Gen.g and the Mavs. Those are things, as a Point Guard, I hold myself accountable for.

Vandi discussed the changes from the start of the season (0-4) that led to their bounce back (6-6):

We were actually talking about this the other day. I saw your tweet, and I had seen the archetype changes we had made from our first few games. The builds that AuthenticAfrican and I brought into the season just didn’t work. Authentic primarily slashes or cuts back door, and I shoot threes and dribble off screens, so the archetype change made sense.

Vandi compared his relationship with GOOFY757 to his relationship with AuthenticAfrican last season:

“It took Authentic and I half a year to really gel last season. Same thing with Goofy, figuring out if he is going to hold the screen, or slip it has been one thing we’ve gotten better at. You can really see the chemistry spreading out well, Goofy getting 20 and 10 a game, and I’m getting 30 and 10.”

We appreciate Vandi chatting with us and giving us some insight in to how he has grown this season, along with the Grizz Gaming ball club.

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