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GBBLive: Judging the 8-Game Stretch, Comparing Ja Morant and Zach Randolph

What is the right win-loss prediction for the Grizzlies in the bubble? How are Ja Morant and Zach Randolph similar to each other?

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Memphis Grizzlies basketball officially returns two weeks from today, and we are all pumped for the return of basketball and the final push for this Nxt-Gen team.

GBB Live continues the welcome shows for our newest hires and promotions, as we had newly-appointed Associate Editor Brandon Abraham and Senior Multimedia Writer Leanna Ritter on the podcast.

With the Grizzlies competing in an 8-game slate, we discuss what is the most difficult stretch of games:

We also chatted with Brandon about the comparison between Ja Morant and Zach Randolph, and about the bubble outlook for two-way players Yuta Watanabe and John Konchar.

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