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Grizz Gaming fights but falls to Jazz Gaming

What a series, but Memphis falls short.

Grizz Gaming v Heat Check Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

In game one, the Grizz would get off to a hot start. Going up 6-0 in the opening minutes on the Jazz, Memphis would work the interior and the wings for their scoring. An early eight points from their wing man JROD would prove huge for how he would show the rest of the series. Vandi would drop 10 first quarter points which helped Memphis be up 17-14 after one quarter.

The second quarter would be a different story for Memphis. Getting outscored 21-15 in the second quarter, the Grizz offense couldn’t keep up due to a Vandi cold ring and lack of stops defensively. Memphis would trail Utah 35-34 heading into the second half of game one.

A solid bounce back from Grizz Gaming came in the third quarter, outscoring the Jazz 23-17. Carrying a five point lead heading to the fourth, Memphis would end up holding their five point lead throughout the fourth quarter. Memphis would lead by as much as nine, but would take game one by a score of 74-69 against Utah.

Memphis would head over to the West Coast servers to host the Jazz for game two. For Memphis, you could tell they were no longer on East Coast servers. The Grizz didn’t have a lot of luck their way, and they didn’t create too much luck themselves in the first half. In the first quarter, Grizz Gaming Point Gaurd Vandi would get again get a cold ring, which would handicap this Grizz team.

Grizz Gaming would get within six in the second quarter, but would surrender a huge run from the Jazz, leading to Memphis trailing 44-33 at the end of the first half.

In the second half Memphis would start back on the treadmill, but eventually got so far out of reach of the Jazz that it became clear that Grizz Gaming would have to pull this series out in game three. Memphis fell to the Jazz by a score of 86-67 in game two, as this series would move back to East Coast servers.

Game three, Grizz Gaming would come out of the gates making it a defensive standoff. “We need to stop Splashy,” Grizz Gaming Center Goofy made clear over the mic. Stopping Splashy had been quite the task for Memphis, and they’d rather the others beat them then have one man destroy them.

The first half was a sequence of good, bad, and just crazy for the Grizz. The good news was that it felt like a Grizz Gaming game. Slow pace, no real groove on either side of floor, and just muddy. A low scoring first half had Memphis holding a 29-27 advantage over the Jazz.

Holding a two point lead heading into the final half of the series, and with neither team really separating themselves from one another in this game three, the Jazz would be the team that would push the advantage in the final quarter. A back and fourth third quarter, and then the Jazz getting a six point lead on the Grizz in the final frame, had Memphis on the brink of their eighth loss of the season. Despite a Vandi cold ring three and both sides making crazy plays in the closing seconds, Grizz Gaming would fall in the final seconds of game three by a score of 60-59 to the Jazz.

Next up, Grizz Gaming will take on Lakers Gaming on Wednesday night, the first night of “The Turn Tournament,” at 5:00 CT LIVE on Twitch.