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Grizz Gaming Gazzette: The squad breaks even

Even isn’t good enough.

Grizz Gaming v Heat Check Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming entered Week 10 looking to take their next step in this whirl wind of a 2K League season, and while they escaped at .500 if the season ended today the Grizz wouldn’t be in the playoffs. Sitting in the 11th seed, and heading into the Turn Tournament this week, let’s take a look back on the Grizz Week 10.

A look back on week 10:

Entering week 10, Grizz Gaming had quite the opportunity sitting in front of them. At the time, sitting in 11th, the Grizz were one game back of the eighth seed in the NBA2K League. Who sat in the eighth seed you might ask? Nets GC, whom Memphis would face on Wednesday night.

Following a game one loss to Brooklyn in overtime, it was gut check the Grizzlies. From lack of three point attempts, to rim running and not converting, Memphis was struggling to score. Grizz Gaming was on the brink of a sweep when a calm, cool, and collected Vandi came over the mic.

“I’m confident our shots will fall.”

The shots fell, and Memphis stayed true to their defensive strengths. Staying composed in the eye of defeat led Memphis to their seventh victory of the season. This was the first time Memphis would be over that .500 threshold in 2020.

A huge win that had Memphis sitting in the 10th seed in the 2K League heading into their Friday showdown with Jazz Gaming (10-2). This was a matchup that would prove tough for Memphis, at least paper. Memphis would get through game one with a victory, but heading into game two would head over to West Coast servers. In game two, Memphis got destroyed by the Jazz. Game three was one of the best games I’ve witnessed this season. Granted, it didn’t go Memphis’ way, but the vibe throughout the game was unreal. Both teams couldn’t find any separation from one another until the final seconds of the contest.

Memphis would end up falling to the Jazz in the final seconds of regulation in game three. Putting Grizz Gaming back at .500, and 11th in the 2K League.

Memphis needs to improve:

In order for anyone to take the next step in anything in life, we continually critique ourselves. For Memphis, it will be shouldering some of the offensive load. Despite Vandi having a great scoring streak, some of that can be shouldered. We saw that in game two and three against the Nets GC. Also we saw JRod flourish in the Jazz Gaming series on the perimeter.

Vandi mixing up how he and Goofy utilize the screening action will take this team to another level. Vandi can hit Goof more off of screens, and will need to take more three pointers vs. driving the lane every time.

Outlook for Grizz Gaming:

A $260,000 prize pull in “The Turn Tournament” sits in front of Grizz Gaming this week. Memphis will play their first game of the Turn Tournament on Wednesday night against Lakers Gaming at 5:00 P.M. CT LIVE on Twitch.