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Grizz Gaming takes their turn in “The Turn” tournament

Grizz Gaming could win some serious CASH

That’s right, a $260,000 prize pool tournament for the NBA 2K League begins Wednesday night. For Grizz Gaming, looking outside of the money side of things it will be a chance to gain more momentum heading into their final two games next week.

Memphis will play in round one action on Wednesday night. If Grizz Gaming gets through Wednesday night, the tournament for Memphis could stretch as far as Saturday night, where the tournament finals will take place. Games would be played on all four nights until Memphis lost.

The Turn Tournament is quite complicated to a fan that just started following the league. This tournament will feature two archetype bans from both teams that can’t be played throughout the series, along with the rest of the tournament.

Confused? Let me break it down for you.

The Turn Tournament Rules:

  • Single Elimination
  • In the first game of each match during the tournament, each team will determine two archetypes that cannot be used in the match by either team.
  • In the second game, each team will select an additional archetype that cannot be used.
  • In the third game (if necessary), there will be no additional archetype bans.

Grizz Gaming Starting Five Archetypes:

Grizz Gaming runs a traditional starting five in the NBA 2K League.

Point Guard: Vandi - Scoring Machine

Shooting Guard: Authentic African - Two-Way Finisher

Small Forward: JRod - 3-level scorer

Power Forward: DDouble - Glass Cleaner

Center: G O O F Y 7 5 7- Two Way Athletic Finisher

Potential Archetype Bans (each position):

PG: Scoring Machine

The Scoring machine build in the 2K League is one in which throws defenses through a loop. The scoring machine being banned would help defenses slowing down perimeter shooting and interior pressure from guards. Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi runs with the scoring machine archetype, but started the season with a sharpshooting slasher.

SG: Two-Way Sharpshooter -

The two-way archetype is exactly what you’d expect in the NBA and in 2K. The two-way build gives the wing player more badges defensively, and becomes the primary perimeter defender on the court. With this particular build, the player could heat up on the offensive end from deep. For Grizz Gaming, their SG AuthenticAfrican has been running with a ‘two-way finisher’, so this wouldn’t impact the Grizz wings. Out of the bans that are predicted, I don’t expect to see this as much in the tournament.

SF: Three Level Scorer -

This is basically a primary archetype for many small forwards in the 2K League. The ban of the three level scorer would cut down the amount of dribble, drive, and kicks out to the three point line. For the Grizz, this would impact their wing JRod, as he’s ran with this archetype all season.

PF: Glass Cleaner -

The glass cleaner in NBA 2K is a cheeky little build for power forwards to hold their own on the boards while being able to drill corner three pointers. A good portion of the 2K League runs a glass cleaner at the four spot due to it’s versatility on both ends of the floor. Grizz Gaming forward DDouble runs the glass cleaner build, but is unknown how Memphis’ big men will adjust if/when their archetypes are banned.

C: Two-Way Athletic Finisher -

The two way athletic finisher is the best build for a Center in NBA 2K20. From hop stepping to the rim for a thunderous two handed jam to the defensive end of the floor snatching the ball out of thin air, this archetype can dominate games. Grizz Gaming Center Goofy runs this build in particular, and it is one of the archetypes that will be a for sure ban tonight in almost every matchup.

Scouting the Enemy:

Charlotte Hornets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming will take on Lakers Gaming (2-11) on Wednesday night as they open up their Turn Tournament. If you remember, Memphis recorded their first win against the Lakers Gaming back on May 28th. It was a 2-0 Grizz Gaming series sweep that Memphis dominated from the opening tip of the series.

For the Lakers, this will be an opportunity to use the archetype bans in their favor. They’re a team that isn’t well balanced on the offensive end. Their rookie point guard, Sav, is leading their team in scoring at 32.4 points per game but is lacking help from others which has led them to this slow start.

Memphis will be the home team as they take on Lakers Gaming. For Memphis, not only will they have home court (east servers in games one and three), but they’ll pick the archetype bans for this matchup. For Memphis, they’ll have to figure out what they can go without against Los Angeles. Both teams line up tit for tat in terms of archetypes in their starting fives.

What’s at stake for the Grizz?

Momentum? $260,000? Looking to continue their growth on the floor with communication and the strategy that comes into play in this tournament will be huge. Guys will be playing with different builds, so the overall style of play will change completely. How the Grizz adapt to archetype bans, and adjust to one another builds will be key to their success in this tournament.

The Grizz have the upper hand in terms of guys that can play with multiple builds. Vandi has played with a slashing sharpshooter this season. Authentic, who has run with two different builds this season, has played three different positions since season one for Grizz Gaming. Memphis is very diverse, and ready for a tournament of this style.

Where to watch:

Where? Twitch, ESPN2, and Youtube

When? 5:00 P.M. CT

Opponent? Lakers Gaming