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Recapping the Enemy: Sixers see Simmons shoot threes!

And their fans rejoiced

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Memphis Grizzlies v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Recapping the enemy is back! We at GBB from time to time will look around the Twitter and comment sections of opposing SB Nation team blogs and gather comments/Tweet highlights from the previous day’s game. We resume this GBB tradition after a loss for the Memphis Grizzlies at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers - one where Philly dominated the first half, but the third quarter was highlighted by much better play for Memphis against most of the stars of the 76ers. Check out Liberty Ballers for more Sixers content, especially their coverage of yesterday’s scrimmage.

First Half

Ja Morant gets right past the defense in the first possession

Just a reminder that it was a good start! Morant cut to the basket off the ball - a welcome sign to try to get him involved as a scorer early.

While Embiid was on the floor for Philly, he was a menace. Offensively he took advantage of a slow-footed perimeter defender in Jonas Valanciunas. Defensively he helped anchor a stellar defensive performance. He was dominant.

The Grizzlies are helping us out with some sloppy turnovers

They sure did.

Rest in Pest Jaren Jackson Jr. A good man taken from us too soon.

That obituary was in response to this - a perfect picture of how poorly that first half went for the Grizzlies.

Second Half

If Simmons can become a threat from three...the NBA is doomed.

Morant is lightning

Sixers not as sharp in this 3rd quarter. Sloppy on offense. Soft on defense. This is all too familiar to how they tended to play in regular season games when they had big leads. Lead down to just 12

JOEL EMBIID.....there is NO substitute.

10 straight minutes of no Embiid, Sixers get outscored by 16. Some things never change.

Embiid sat the entire second half - a planned rest from Philly coach Brett Brown. Still, the rest of the Sixers - including new three point threat Ben Simmons - were on the floor when Memphis made their run.

When will the Grizz coach pull the plug

Turns out he didn’t. I asked Coach Jenkins post-game about whether or not the plan all along was to keep the starters in until the finish, and he said it was. Jenkins decided to treat the scrimmage like an actual game, utilizing the rotation that it appears he will be looking to use in the seeding games while not playing more than 10 players. Meanwhile, Joel Embiid didn’t play the entire second half for Philadelphia and the 4th quarter for the Sixers looked more like the end of an NFL preseason game than anything for Philly as Brown emptied his bench.

The bubble restart is unprecedented. How each team handled prep for the road ahead will vary from squad to squad - and for Memphis will continue to be something to keep an eye on going in to the next scrimmage Tuesday against the Rockets.

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