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Grizz Gaming Gazette: It Wasn’t the Grizz’s Turn

But bigger things are at stake in week 11 for Grizz Gaming

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76ers Gaming Club v Grizz Gaming Photo by Alex Nahorniak-Svenski/NBAE via Getty Images

The Turn Tournament Powered by AT&T was a tournament that seemed like it could work out for Memphis. Archetype bans, and a combination of strategy and IQ seemed like the right fit for Grizz Gaming.

There is no doubting that Grizz Gaming has one of the best basketball IQ’s in the NBA 2K League. From bouncing back from an 0-4 start, and going on a 7-2 stretch, they become a “sleeper” in the Turn Tournament. The Turn Tournament exposed another weakness in Memphis’ armor - ability to adjust.

The $260,000 tournament is all about strategy, adjusting each game, and being on the same page. For Grizz Gaming, consistency issue would rear their ugly head on Wednesday night, as they took on Lakers Gaming in the opening night of the Turn Tournament.

Starting off game one slow, they allowed the Lakers to score at will, and were just all over the place on both ends of the floor. Grizz Gaming gave up a run in the second quarter of game one, and would never recover. In fact, it would become a theme on Wednesday night. So, the Grizz would lose game one by five, but heading into game two, Memphis had to pull off a reverse sweep.

Game two, Memphis would come out of the gates strong, but throughout the game would fall apart slowly. They had defensive slip ups, and you could see their lack of direction on the offensive end. It’s sad, because it could’ve made this team some dough for their pockets. It worked out though, because Memphis will have a full week of preparation for their final two games.

With the Turn in the rear view mirror, Grizz Gaming has their sites set on making franchise history, and locking in a playoff spot this week. Two games on the schedule this week to close out the season, a chance at the dance, what an opportunity Grizz Gaming has in front of them.

Gut check time:

A team that has had some of the weirdest losses this season, and arguably the biggest bounce-back this season in the 2K League - an opportunity at the big dance. A spot in the playoffs is something Grizz Gaming has never had the opportunity of being in before. It has felt like this team could go either way this season. Taking down some powerhouse teams, but showing their inconsistencies against struggling teams.

Reality will hit fast for Grizz Gaming (7-7) as the ball gets tossed in the air when they take on Bucks Gaming (7-6) Thursday night. Sitting a game ahead of Memphis, and making to the second round of the Turn Tournament, the Bucks are a must-win matchup for Memphis.

In fact, Memphis will take on the Bucks and Warriors Gaming Squad (10-3) on back-to-back nights. The reality of this team will appear on both nights this week. Last season, Grizz Gaming missed the final playoff spot by a few games, will that be the case this season? Or will the Grizz lock into their playoff spot this week with two wins.

Two games will decide their fate for the 2K League playoffs. Grizz Gaming has earned the right for this moment, but it comes down to how these five guys perform with the spotlight on them.

The Grizz will be back in action on Thursday night as they take on the Bucks at 8:00 CT.

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