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Goofy gets real: Grizz Gaming must grow now

Sweep week 11, or miss the playoffs.

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It’s mid-afternoon on Tuesday June 16th, and Grizz Gaming Center Dayvon Curry - or you may know him as “Goofy” - sits down in front of his camera to record another episode of “Behind the Scenes,” series. A series that takes you behind the scenes of an NBA 2K League athlete.

Goofy opens up his broadcast discussing how he prepares for the Tip-Off Tournament, and how important this tournament is to his Grizz Gaming squad, whom had never won a single game in any tournament up to later that night. “I’m here to change that,” Goofy told his viewers.

The 23-year old native out of Virginia Beach has accomplished so much in his three seasons in the NBA2K League. The number nine draft pick of Knicks Gaming in the 2018 2K League draft, Goofy is the definition of hard work. The newest member of Grizz Gaming due to an offseason trade that sent him to Memphis from the Knicks via draft picks.

Before becoming a 2K League champion, Goofy was working for McDonald’s, then an Amazon Warehouse.

Not only was Goofy part of the inaugural season of the NBA2K League, but he dominated down the stretch for the Knicks. New York finished the season in 14th place in the 2K League standings, and when I asked Goofy in a recent interview how this team won the Ticket Tournament, leading to a playoff birth, what was his response?

“The team was full of guys that just didn’t lose hope, and fought until it was over.”

Following the trade, Goofy created his own professional Pro-Am Team in 2K that absolutely dominated the 2K professional landscape during the offseason. “Greatness,” owned by Goofy, didn’t lose a tournament that they participated in

In 2018, the Knicks went from a team that punched their ticket to the playoffs, to inaugural NBA2K League Champions. You can draw some some parallels to the 2018 Knicks Gaming squad and this Grizz Gaming squad, but Goofy is looking beyond that to finish this season with two straight wins.

Two wins mathematically separate Grizz Gaming from a secure playoff spot in the NBA2K League playoffs, and those games tipoff tonight for Goofy and company. “It’s do or die for us this week,” Goofy said about the outlook on these final two games for the Grizz.

The team is two wins away from adding another check to the list of Goofy’s accomplishments in the 2K League in just three seasons. Bucks Gaming (7-6) on Thursday night, and Warriors Gaming (11-3) on Friday night is what sits in front of Memphis.

Scouting the Enemy(s):

First up for the Grizz, a matchup with Bucks Gaming on Thursday night. A matchup that could favor Grizz Gaming due to the defensive matchups. The Grizz and Bucks matchup pretty much even outside of the two guard spot, which that have a two-way sharpshooter in “Ty.”

Another Point Guard showcase in Thursday night’s matchup as the top two scoring Point Guards in the 2K League face off. Grizz Gaming Point Guard Vandi (30.9PPG), and Bucks Gaming Point Guard Regg (33.1PPG) take center stage.

The Bucks coming off of a week 10 split with a loss to the Warriors Gaming, but bouncing back against the Kings Guard Gaming to finish their week 10.

The second matchup to the Grizzlies week 11, and their regular season finale on Friday night will be against a team that has already locked up their spot in the playoffs - Warriors Gaming (11-3). A familiar team to the Grizz, as they’ve faced the Warriors twice in the Tip-Off tournament and split the matchup at 1-1.

In that June 16th showdown, Grizz Gaming Guard Vandi, and Warriors Gaming Guard CB13 went back and fourth in both matches. While both guys shot the ball well, it came down to the Grizzlies forcing 8 turnovers in that game two to Memphis four. That was the difference in that series.

Where and when?

Grizz Gaming will tip off their week 11 action tonight against Bucks Gaming at 8:00 P.M. CT, and then tomorrow night against Warriors Gaming at 8:00 P.M. CT.

Both games will be LIVE on Twitch, Youtube, and the ESPN App. For Grizz Gaming exclusive access, open the NBA2K League stream in the Twitch app, and click “command center.”

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