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The Next Era of GBB’s Weekly Podcast Network

5 podcasts in 1 week. That’s impressive, right?

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One new show.

Four new podcast graphics.

5 podcasts in 1 week, and now the podcast network dream is becoming a reality.

Over the past year, Site Manager Joe Mullinax and I have had discussions about how to expand the Grizzly Bear Blues podcast network beyond GBB Live and The Core 4 Podcast. Now, we’re starting to see it come to fruition.

Justin Lewis has done a fantastic job taking the reigns, since Shawn Coleman joined the “Locked On Grizzlies” podcast. In addition, we’re pumped for the addition of “The Starting 5,” and for the chemistry and flow they’ll bring to the network.

But you know what’s the easiest way to podcast? WITH ACTUAL SPORTS! NBA basketball is finally back, and the GBB podcast network breaks down observations from scrimmage play and thoughts going into regular season play.

The Starting 5: Intro Podcast with What They Wanna See from the Grizzlies in the Bubble

The Starting 5 has officially made their debut. Tune into this episode to meet Parish, Sky, Tev, Sheedy, and Trevor, and to see their journey to the podcast network — both as podcasters and fans of the Memphis Grizzlies.

They also dive into the Grizzlies’ outlook into the bubble, including observations from last Friday’s scrimmage against the Philadelphia 76ers.

3 & D: Matt Moore of ActionNetwork and Joe Mullinax Discuss Betting the Bubble

With the return to play upon us and the recent Justise Winslow injury, Matt Moore of the ActionNetwork joins the show to discuss the betting implications, if any, that the injury has in regards to betting the Grizzlies in the bubble. Site Manager Joe Mullinax weighs in on the basketball impact the Winslow injury has as well.

Moore goes on to explain some of the factors that go into betting the spread and what bets he may like when it comes to Memphis. Memphis opens as an underdog against Portland, which in the betting world is no surprise according to Matt.

Core 4: The Grizzlies Dash Miami, Now Prepare for Real Games

The Dillon Brooks haters can take their victory lap after a game in which he shoots 4-16. But I wouldn’t run too hard on it. Because he’s always going to bounce back with games like Tuesday’s Miami Heat when he scores 20 points on 60+% shooting.

Nathan Chester and I went in depth with scrimmage takeaways and what to watch for with regular season games on the horizon.

GBBLive: Enjoying this moment with the Memphis Grizzlies

On this episode (recorded before the news of Tyus Jones’ injury) Host Joe Mullinax chats it up with Tas Melas of The Athletic/Yahoo Sports/NBATV and Shane Young of Forbes Sports! The guys break down the good and bad of the Orlando bubble so far for the Memphis Grizzlies, and tackle the tough questions as the games start to count for real.

GBB Live: Portland Preview

Joe Mullinax and I discuss the many aspects of the Grizzlies’ matchup today with the Portland Trail Blazers. Are the Blazers really as much of a threat as the national media thinks? Can Ja Morant and company slow down Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum? Can x-factors Kyle Anderson and Dillon Brooks take advantage of a Portland’s weak wing rotation?

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