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Grizz Gaming falls to Bucks Gaming

Nothing has been easy this season.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Game One:

Grizz Gaming came out of the gates down 13 points to Bucks Gaming. For the Bucks they wouldn’t miss in the first quarter of game one. Going 9/9 from the field, Grizz Gaming Center Goofy told the team to “watch” Bucks Point Guard Regg from deep. Regg was working off of screens where he would act like he was going for a mid-range jumper, but would step back for a three.

The Grizz would trail by as much as 15 in the first half of game one, but thanks to a 7-0 run to close out the half the Grizz cut the Bucks lead to only three. Trailing 35-32 at the half in game one, it seemed that the Grizz had finally found the code.

In the second half, Grizz Gaming would go back and forth with the Bucks. The team finally took a 53-51 lead in the middle of the third quarter on a Vandi and-one. Then, back to the tug of war fest. Flash ahead to the final minute of regulation, where Memphis would trail by as much as six with under a minute to play. Vandi would hit two threes in two possessions to bring the Bucks lead to just three. Grizz Gaming, needing a three to tie and force OT, wouldn’t be able to hit two open three pointers back-to-back.

The Grizz would fall in game one by a score of 71-68. Vandi would drop 39 points on 17/32 shooting, but that wouldn’t be enough. The Grizz would need a strong performance in game two.

Game Two:

Grizz Gaming would come out a little bit stronger than their efforts in game one. The Bucks just had more energy than Grizz Gaming through the eight quarters that were played Thursday night. Despite the Grizz having a better start to the game, the Bucks still led 21-16 after the first quarter. Then, after outscoring the Grizzlies 25-17 in the second quarter, the Bucks held a 13 point advantage heading into the second half.

Playing with your season on the line is a blessing and a curse. For the Grizz, it didn’t feel right all night and when the team made their runs, like in the third quarter of game two that cut the Bucks 15 point lead down to seven, they just didn’t have enough. Trailing by seven heading into the final frame, the Grizz would get outscored 20-12 in the fourth quarter.

Handing the Grizzlies their eighth loss on the season, the Bucks have pushed this Grizz Gaming team in to a potential Ticket Tournament scenario, where this team could earn a playoff birth by winning that tournament. The Grizz do still have a game tonight against Warriors Gaming, and mathematically, Grizz Gaming could still be in it with a victory.

Grizz Gaming will be in action tonight as they will wrap up their regular season with a matchup with Warriors Gaming (11-3).