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Let it Go, NBA: Elsa makes the Grizzlies title favorites

Who better to go Into the Unknown with?

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Orange County Register Archive Photo by Jeff Gritchen/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

When the higher ups at SB Nation announced we were having a Disney Character Draft in honor of the NBA’s bubble at Disney World, I was ecstatic. I, as the father of two young children (2 and 4 year old daughters), am well-versed in all things Disney. Even with the caveat it had to be Disney animation characters, and not Pixar/Marvel/Star Wars based, I had a very clear big board that I knew I was going to stick by. Two names were at the top of that board, because of their musicality as well as their ability to dominate the hardwood with the Memphis Grizzlies.

My one seed? Maui, shape shifter, demigod of the wind and sea. But Moana’s right hand man (and singer of certified banger “You’re Welcome”) was smartly selected #4 overall by the good folks over at SLC Dunk, the SB Nation blog for the Utah Jazz. My hopes to select essentially The Rock were dashed.

Sitting at #18 in these proceedings, I feared that my #2 overall selection on my big board would be snatched up immediately. But much like Brandon Clarke before her, she fell pick after in-explainable pick (Alice from Alice in Wonderland? Really Raptors HQ?) Once Blazer’s Edge made their selection of Mufasa (good leadership skills, but how the hell is he going to dribble?) the biggest steal of the Disney character draft came to fruition despite the blatant disrespect 17 other bloggers gave her. Such a chilly draft night result for someone of her talents would hurt many lesser princesses...

But not Elsa. For you see, the cold never bothered her anyway.

I agree, @tomisfierce. I also am absolutely obsessed with Frozen II - Frozen in general. And this pick is the best one of the entire draft.

Why, you ask?

  1. Who better to go Into the Unknown with? Elsa didn’t just meekly go on her latest adventure with Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf. She CALLED OUT MAGICAL SPIRITS. She attacked the fire lizard, the Water Nokk, and Gale the wind spirit. She befriended the Earth Giants and eventually uses them to ride on along her way as the new leader of the Northuldra. She reached Ahtohallan to pursue the truth about her past and the past of her people in Arendelle, and was even willing to give her own life to make sure that knowledge got to her sister. That level of fearlessness will fit in nicely in the unique and intimidating Disney bubble alongside Ja Morant. Speaking of Ja...
  2. Elsa will help Ja Let it Go. Elsa running the point for the Memphis Grizzlies would cause all sorts of problems for opposing defenses. She could turn their shoes to ice or freeze the floor where they stand to give LeBron James or Zion Williamson the slip. She could pass icy dimes to all the Grizzlies, helping them literally elevate their games by ice step ups to the basket. And the water that their opponents were drinking? It turns out, water has memory (look it up, Frozen 2 said so) and Elsa can freeze water droplets from around the bench area, getting all the calls and schemes from the other squads in snowman form. What an advantage for Taylor Jenkins and the coaching staff to have.
  3. Elsa will allow for Olaf to Show Himself as a basketball fan. He exists because of her magical spirit. And he is wonderful. Olaf in a Ja Morant jersey would be wonderful to behold, and the little guy’s cheery demeanor and love for those around him would be a welcome addition to bubble life.
  4. Entertainment at night is solved. Elsa is a constant across both the Frozen and Frozen 2 soundtracks. “Let it Go” gets all the hype, but “For the First Time in Forever” is criminally underrated and she has multiple songs in Frozen 2 that are superior to “Let it Go”. “Into the Unknown”, “Show Yourself”, her verse in “Some Things Never Change” which is counted on to change tempo and tone for the entire’s really a testament to what Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) is capable of. And, I have a suspicion that if you wanted Elsa to sing songs from Wicked or Rent she’d be able to do so. Which...I mean, yes please.
“Frozen 2” European Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage

On the floor, Elsa ices out everything around her. She can be a lockdown defender, freezing ball handlers (literally) while creating opportunities in transition for a Grizzlies team that wants to run. As a help defender, she can assist players like Jonas Valanciunas who may struggle with stretch fives by not allowing those bigs to get to their spots on the pick and pop. She has ice in her veins and will not allow for any proverbial storm raging around the Grizzlies to impact them.

And she is willing to learn, grow, and do what is right for everyone she cares about. You cant’t ask for a better teammate.

Here they stand, NBA, in the light of the Disney bubble. Elsa is heading to Memphis, and the Grizzlies are now the favorites to win the NBA Championship.

Let it Go, LeBron.

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