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Grizz Gaming swept by Warriors Gaming

On to the Ticket Tournament.

Grizz Gaming v Mavs Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

Grizz Gaming entered their final game of the regular season needing a victory in order to stay mathematically in the playoff hunt. It was stay alive, or win the ticket for Grizz Gaming Friday night.

Game one:

Similar to Thursday night in Grizz Gaming’s devastating loss to Bucks Gaming, Memphis would start slow on Friday night against the Warriors. As many know, this Grizz Gaming team starts and finishes with how Point Guard Vandi performs, and Vandi started off the first half with two “cold rings” due to shots not falling and turnovers.

Vandi would turn the ball over three times in the firs quarter, leading to a Warriors Gaming 13-2 run. Trailing 18-9 against the Warriors, Memphis was in desperate need of a bounce back second quarter.

The Grizz would lose the second quarter 18-17, letting the Warriors build a halftime lead of 37-25. Seven first half turnovers and only two three point attempts wouldn’t help Memphis heading into the half of game one.

The second half, Grizz Gaming wouldn’t cut into the Warriors 12 point lead. In fact, getting outscored 19-14 in the third quarter, the Grizzlies were down 56-39 heading into the final quarter of game one. The fourth quarter went as you’d expect. Grizz Gaming would drop game one by a score of 83-55 as they would head over to East coast servers for game two.

Game two:

A game that, and I’ll have to check the 2K League stats, but was one of the lowest scoring games this season. Low scoring, defensive, and on East coast servers, what more could Grizz Gaming ask for?

A muddy style of play, where it felt like neither Memphis nor Golden State had any momentum. A 26-23 halftime deficit sat in front of Memphis, as you couldn’t really tell if this was in Memphis’ favor or not. Unable to tie the Warriors until late in the fourth quarter, the Grizz controlled their fate after a fourth quarter reset. Following that The team had a positive three and a half minutes. In the final 45 seconds, the Grizz would fall in the final possession to the Warriors by a score of 45-44. One point, a game that was Memphis’ style and all, the Grizz just couldn’t claw their way out with a win.

Falling to 7-9 on the regular season, Grizz Gaming is officially entering the Ticket Tournament on August 13th, where the team will play for the NBA 2K League’s final playoff spot.